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Mar 10, 2008 10:22 AM

Taking an 11 yr old to Blue Man Group

I am taking my 11 year old son to a Saturday 4 PM performance of the Blue Man Group. The theatre, Briar St. Theatre, is located at 3133 N. Halsted.

I am not familiar with the neighborhood and am looking for a fun, kid friendly (or at least not anti-kid) place for dinner after the show. There was a thread back in October but the suggestions were more adult only then I am looking for.

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  1. What does your child like? Is s/he a picky eater? Are you willing to try Thai? Chinese? Greek? Etc? If you were looking to eat before the production, Ann Sather's is on 909 Belmont and they serve great cinnamon rolls, and swedish food. They are only open till 4pm however.

    If you are looking at getting a bite to eat afterwards, Jack's on Belmont is kid-friendly.

    1. ZAD for Middle Eastern on Broadway just north of Barry is fantastic and kid friendly. It's a nice neighborhood place and not overly crowded. Not sure how adventuresome your child is with food. Walking distance.

      The Bagel on Broadway at Barry about 3 blocks south of Belmont is perfect for you!! Lot's of great sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers, and a wide array of baked goods/sweets. Walking distance

      Cesars on Clark Street just south of Belmont is a decent option for reasonably priced Mexican and a festive atmosphere. Walking distance.

      1. You can also look into Erwins ( or the loud, original Mia Francesca (or break him in to adulthood quickly with El Jardin


        BTW, my 10 year old loved Blue Man. Have a great time

        1. I took my then 13 & 15 year old niece & nephew to see Blue Man Group a few years ago. We went to Cozy Noodles on Sheffield for dinner prior to the show. They really enjoyed trying the Thai food (which was quite good!) and loved the decor (see attached post). It's definitely kid-friendly.... the staff made them feel very special on their big night out! I think it was about a 3 block walk to the Briar Street Theatre, which was no problem. Cozy is also known for their bubble tea!

          Enjoy the show!

          1. Thanks it looks like we will have some choices.

            My son is going through a stage where he is not too willing to try new things - but we keep trying! We make it to Ann Sathers for Sunday breakfast about once a month - it takes me 4 weeks to recover from eating the cinnamon rolls. He like things like pizza, sandwiches, mexican, middle eastern so we would like to keep it casual.

            He has been watching Blue Man Group videos on You Tube (isn't technology wonderfull) and is very excited about going.