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Mar 10, 2008 10:19 AM

All Natural Duck (or Goose)

I am trying to find some All-Natural Goose or Duck. Specifically, Ducks that have not been fed Soybeans or Soymeal.

So far, I have researched these brands:
- Grimaud
- Schiltz
- Griggstown
- Eberly
- Happy Farm
- D'Artagnan

All of these brands feed their fowl Soybeans or Soy as part of their feed. Does anyone know of a Farm that does not feed their Fowl Soy?

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  1. Have you checked with the folks at Whole Foods?

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    1. re: crazyspice

      The Whole Foods that I normally go to (Princeton, Jenkintown and North Wales) rarely have Goose or Duck. Also, they usually only know whether they are Organic or not, which is really useless in this case.

      You can feed any animal as much Soy as you want and it will not affect it's Organic status.

    2. Check out a website called - they have a list of all the farms in the area that feed their animals grass or natural foods. Also, we bought a goose from Illgs on Folly Road. (yes, the German butcher shop) I can't remember the name of the Goose farm, but it was all natural. If I can remember the name, I'll repost. One other website to try is Willowcreek Orchards. I know they sell naturally raised Chickens, (not sure about geese) from local farms.

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      1. re: pafoodie

        EatWild is a great resource, but, unfortunately, there are no Soy-Free Goose or Duck Farms anywhere near Philadelphia (You need to get at least 2 hours west before you start finding them, well, that is what my research has found).

        I am pretty sure that Willow Creek does not have Goose or Duck, but they are a good resource otherwise.

        Thanks for the tip to Illgs. I will need to call them to see where they get there Goose/Duck from. Unfortunately, All-Natural rarely means that the meat is Soy-Free. It just means that they use Organic Soybeans (or Soymeal).

        Thanks again.

        1. re: DougRisk

          I know that you can purchase Whole Ducks from Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and I 'think' those ducks are fed corn the whole time, if not a good percentage. It's a top notch facility. I looked into it, and than I was hospitalized for a short time and it completely slipped my mind until I saw your post.

          1. re: sommrluv

            Thanks for the info on Hudson Valley. I know of a few places that I could order from, but I was really hoping to find a supplier that was local.

            1. re: DougRisk

              Could you please post what places you've found that you could order from?
              or have you found a local farm to buy goose/duck? I am looking for organic (certified or not), pastured goose and/or duck (within two hours of Princeton, NJ, or to order)

              1. re: elangero

                elangero--try Griggstown if the partial soy feed doesn't bother you. It's local, vegan fed, antibiotic free, and at most a 20 minute drive.

                I started a local (within 50 miles) Princeton thread here:

                Griggstown Quail Farm
                986 Canal Rd, Princeton, NJ

              2. re: DougRisk

                If you've exhausted everything local then you're pretty much out of luck. There are very few places that do not supplement animals with even a little bit of feed.

                My suggestion: go find a shotgun and learn when hunting season is.

                1. re: HaagenDazs

                  Or visit Princeton with a blanket and strong arms, plus fast legs and an open door nearby when the other geese start chasing after you (was it you HD who recommended that?). Lots of free range Canada geese here.

                  1. re: Caralien

                    nope wasn't me, but will heed the advice! :-)

                  2. re: HaagenDazs

                    The shotgun method isn't going to help much.
                    Guess what geese love to snack on?
                    They love that edamame as much as you do!
                    All over the harvested soybean fields, looking for leftovers.

          2. Have you looked into Maple Leaf Farms yet?