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Mar 10, 2008 10:16 AM

Rochester area deli platters delivery or pickup

Anyone have any suggestions for deli platters for a bereaved family? Can't be there, so would love some suggestions for a good platter of deli items to be sent to the family, or someone can pick it up. I know Wegmans does them, but is there anyone else that does a nice spread?


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  1. I'd be calling Rubino's in Webster.

    It's far superior to Wegmans, in my opinion. Plus most people I know here are so tired of Wegmans food! It sort of all tastes the same after awhile.

    (Pay no attention to the body builder owner, LOL. He's a really great guy and a super hard worker.)

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      Two other possibilities are Lorraine's Food Factory (formerly Lorraine's Food Basket) and Plunkett's Fabulous Food (run by the former owner of Jazzberry's .

      1. re: tuttobene

        I don't think Lorraine's is very good though, do you? I've never had Plunkett's. What's that like?