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Mar 10, 2008 10:01 AM

mississauga....quick and tasty

im a sales rep...and my territory includes mississauga.
When Im covering toronto..I manage to have quick bites
at new york subway, the chinese pastry shop on baldwin,
mustachios at st. lawrence market, sushi on bloor etc.
However I have no idea where to grab a quick and tasty
meal in Mississauga.
Any recommendations would be welcome.

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  1. California Sandwiches on Dixie north of the 401
    T & T Supermarket east of Mavis south of Burnhamthorpe.
    Dixie Park Centre on Dixie north of Eastgate-Chinese food court
    Molinaros, Tomken and Rathburn-Italian cafe and take-out
    Aurora Meats Dixie and Burnhamthorpe-Italian Sandwiches
    Pho Dau Bo , Dundas west of Dixie. Very fast service for pho
    Starsky Supermarket on Dundas-European sandwiches
    Brandt Meats , Mattawa Avenue (Dundas & Dixie)-Schnitzel etc
    Starwalk Chinese Buffet, Dixie and Rathburn-reasonable weekday lunch pricing

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      I just had a veal sandwich at Aurora foods, and while the veal was extremely tender, the sandwich itself was not great and more expensive than what i'd like, particularly because they charge per topping. A veal with onions, peppers and mushrooms was $ 8.49

      1. re: beany

        The same at California's would be $8.20 plus tax if you got the free hot peppers, $9.20 plus tax if you wanted sweet peppers. This comes from their website.

        I'd say Aurora was cheaper than the *generally* accepted benchmark.

        What made the sandwich not great if the veal was tender? Just curious.

        1. re: Scary Bill

          Ok, I've only had the California veal at Queensway, and that did not impress me much either. I know it varies by location with california, but after all the hype, I wondered why.

          I'm not really sure why I didn't like it very much. The portion was huge, but it didn't sing to me the way a good veal would. I think I also made a mistake by adding onions, but my mom wanted them. Sorry for being vague, I just can't remember anything about the flavour.

          Maybe I'm being unfair because I checked the price board to see if toppings were extra and I couldn't find it anywhere, and I didn't ask when the person at the counter was offering them to me.

          My favourite veals are from La Rose at Royal York and La Rose (~$6.00), although the last time I went in, the veal itself was considerably smaller, and Tre Rose at Kipling and Rexdale ($4.84 tax in), with a generous amount mushrooms and peppers included.

        2. re: beany

          San Francesco's at 403/Winston Churchill does a good veal sandwich for about $6.00 including drink.

          1. re: cynalan

            I second San Francesco's at 403/Churchill. While I'll admit to having had better sandwiches, their veal is decent and the price can't be beat.

            It's been about 6 months since I've been in there so I can't confirm if it's still accurate, but you could get a veal sandwich, pop, ceasar salad and olives for 5.99 plus tax. They've been selling it at that price for at least ten years and it always amazes me that they haven't increased it yet.

      2. Bill's list includes many faves. Queen's Fish&Chips in Streetsville(on Mississauga Rd)is old school and consistent(Halibut is best). Sam Woo at Mavis+Eglinton and Happy Garden at Eglinton+Creditview are both good for dim sum--smaller and faster than the larger, pricier, noisier Emerald at Eglinton+Hurontario. Paramount Foods does great Lebanese on Crestlawn just across from Gateway postal facility on Dixie. Lisboa Bakery at Twain+Mavis(just south of the 407)has a good hot table with Portuguese entrees for a quick, hearty lunch.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          i'll be reporting back...thanks for the suggestions.
          im getting hungry already.
          thanks again.

          1. re: domesticgodess

            There is also a Burrito Boyz now off Lakeshore Rd and Stavenbank just west of HuronOntario.

            1. re: ciaociao1

              Unless the Boyz took some Spanish lessons, I'd pass. Some of the greasiest burros in town. Just plain leaden. Just the ticket, though, for the Lakeshore barfly market.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                We go to the Adelaide location(s) to grab lunch sometimes, and I've never even considered that there was grease in their burritos? From what, exactly? You watch them make it, I didn't see them add "grease" ? lolz.

                And PS: Burrito's are to the spanish what chicken balls are to the chinese... ie: "Que es eso?"

              2. re: ciaociao1

                i'm a big fan of burrito boyz but their quality had gone down significantly, unless the quality varies location to location.

                Also, the staff at the Mississauga location needs to get over themselves. they pretty much berate their customers with their high and mighty we're burrito boyz attitude. it's like the soup nazi on seinfeld....but worse.

          2. The Newman centre at dundas and hurontario is a mall with a very ethnic food court...dosas, jamacian, japanese, pakistani, korean. There are also 2 portugese chicken places around there which do a nice job, and a 24 hour pho place across dundas east of 10 called 'pho me tu hai'

            1. I moved from living downtown all my life to Mississuaga which resulted in my quest for decent "Chow" at all prices points

              Low - medium price
              1) Chandra's - on Maingate just north of Eginton. Go only Mon-Fri lunch for some great Trini Roti.
              2) Tandoori Time - on Burnmthorp at Wolfdale. Best is BBQ as curries are average but fresh (be prepared to wait as everything is made to order). Try a chicken kabab naan like $7
              3) Tarbous (spelling is wrong) on Confrederation Parkway just north of Dundas. Really homestyle type of middle eastern food although the kababs have been known to be overdone. Baklava is baked fresh.
              4) Astoria - a second to the orginal on the Danforth but the grill meats are awsome but the best is the grilled Chilean sea bass.

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              1. re: Rishiboy

                Barb's Roti Shop, (905) 278-4713
                1181 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, Ontario. Just West of Dixie.
                My favourite. Served by Barb herself.

                1. re: frito

                  I concur on Barbs..their roti is yummy. I love their chicken roti & shrimp roti and their doubles mmmm.

                  1. re: MiniMom

                    I love the jerk chicken roti at Chandra's, though I find it a little on the small side. How does Barb's compare? How late does she stay open?

                    1. re: jonnybee

                      Barb's rotis are a good size. I'd say about average. I have never had a Jerk chicken roti from Barb's, I always have the traditional. I believe she is open until 8.

                  2. re: frito

                    Thanks everyone for all the replies...Im having so much fun when Im in Mississauga now!!
                    Last week, I finally made it to Barb's Roti Shop for their shrimp roti.
                    It was indeed filling, tasty, full of potatoe, ..but not sure about how much shrimp was in there. I had curry all over my fingers for hours...LOL.
                    Thanks for the recommnedation.

                2. There is a columbian bakery on the north side of Lakeshore near cawthra that has good nibbles but not open Mondays so i discovered.

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                  1. re: MiniMom

                    today...I checked out one of the recommendations that was posted:
                    sam woo's at mavis and eglinton.
                    They had a dim sum special for $2 a plate from 2 to 4 p.m
                    I was there at 3 pm....and the restaurant was indeed busy.
                    I only had time for take out...but that was busy too.
                    NEXT TIME. for sure.

                    PLUS..I had a gigantic fresh ham and cheese sandwich at noon. (which would give you another explanation why I was trying to do take-out at sam woos)
                    at Willys Meat and Delicatessan
                    at 2500 hurontario
                    They also have a hot table...and once again, the place was hopping.

                    1. re: domesticgodess

                      For cheap dim sum, Tremendous, on Wolfedale south of Burnhamthorpe, prices dim sum at $1.30 after 1:30.

                      There is a lot of fried, never seen a green vegetable in the place. It is not fancy dim sum, but it is good with generous portions.

                      Agree with Willys, some of the best smoked-on-the-premises meat in Mississauga, though the Yumdinger is one scary sandwich.

                      1. re: Scary Bill

                        best value dim sum in mississauga is on dixie just north of dundas, in the plaza on the north east corner. it's called like 'lucky special seafood chinese extravaganza' but does wonderful dim sum for very cheap. much much much better than tremendous IMHO. VERY BUSY on weekends, so get there before noon.

                        1. re: Under Salted

                          i went to aurora meats (dixie and burnamthorpe) to check out another sandwich. The store is very clean and so very spacious. Now lets talk about the hot table....everything looked fresh and tasty. Once again, I was in the mood for a sandwich...I had a grilled veggie sandwich with melted cheese on a delicious big bun (but not too big). On the side, were garlicky-roasted potatoes. I was a happy camper. P.S. Service was delightful.

                          1. re: domesticgodess

                            Goddess, I live nearby so shop there often. Aurora makes absolutely the best Italian sausage, and Barese sausage I have ever had, without exception. All of their meat is top-notch, and they will take orders for any cut of meat you want if it is not in their case.

                            Their turkeys at Christmas etc are superb.

                            They do take a lot of pride in their work.

                            Oh, and try their proscuitto, they make it at the store, it is as good as any made in Canada (ok I haven't tried them all, but theirs is really good)

                            Glad you were pleased.

                          2. re: Under Salted

                            Just got back from I assume was the place as the only Chinese place in the Mobila Mall on the north east corner of Dixie & Dundas was called Happy Jade Seafood Chinese. It was the best dim sum I've had since I've to Mississauga and as good as many places in Markham. The best was the BBQ pork with crispy skin. We had about 8 dishes and coke - it came to $30 with tax and tip. Not dirt cheap and well worth it, I noticed the prices are cheaper on the weekdays. Good thing we got there early as the place getting really busy.

                            1. re: Rishiboy

                              yeah that's the one heh. I guess the price flux is due to what you eat, i usually take my parents there, have coke and a beer for my german mother, and eat about 8 dishes for 30, which, i think, is pretty good for 3 people....

                            2. re: Under Salted

                              Does "Lucky Special" serve dim sum on weekdays, and do they use carts?


                              1. re: dlw88

                                on weekdays you have to order from the menu, but it's still dim sum....carts and weekends (and some of the nicest cart ladies this side of kowloon!)

                                1. re: dlw88

                                  Where exactly is this place? I cant find anything on Google, having tried different combinations of the name. The only place i know around Dundas and Dixie that does DIM SUM is Happy Jade.