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Mar 25, 2002 05:26 PM

C.C. Brown's

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I wonder if there are any ice cream parlors left in Southern California like C.C. Browns. I grew up with the kids of the owners and miss CC Browns since they closed in 1996. Anyone remeber CC Browns or have any interesting stories? I grew up in Calabasas and we use to go all the time, espcially after we got our drivers license, after the movies at the Chinese Theatre and get free sundaes.

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  1. When they shut down CC Browns, there was a lot of talk of the heirs carrying on by at least selling the hot fudge sauce. I haven't seen it, have you?
    There are 2 soda fountains on Fair Oaks, one in South Pasadena at Mission and one in Pasadena near the fire station as you approach the Green Hotel.
    I recall reading a thread recently about a classic old place in Bakersfield that sounds more like what you are looking for.

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      They still sell several sauces on their website.


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        I've seen the sauces for sale at Bristol Farms. They are also available on line.


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          Hey, thanks. Sometimes it's so good to be wrong.

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          You're thinking of "Soda Jerks" on the west side of Fairoaks between Green St and Del Mar. Their ice cream comes from Fosselman's in Alhambra, they have a shop on Main St in Alhambra.

        3. I had a sundae topped with their hot fudge at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. It's served in a pedestal cup with freshly whipped cream and toasted good!