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Mar 10, 2008 09:41 AM

anywhere good in NW Valley Phoenix

I'll be in Phoenix (again) this spring to visit my sister. She lives in the NW Valley in the Surprise/sun City area. Most of us visiting love good food and my sister thinks national chain restaurants is the epitome of dining out. So, if I had a few suggestions for good or great places that aren't off the charts price wise, I think I could coax her out of her comfort zone and we could all enjoy a good meal or 2.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. If you like Thai, try Line Thai. Reviewed in this thread:

    Can't think of much else in Surprise/Sun City that isn't a chain restaurant. But I don't live in the area, others may have more recommendations.

    1. What the charts, price-wise? Unfortunately, options here in Surprise aren't as plentiful as they are east, but with a little driving, you can find some good options. I'll list a few here

      You may also want to check out the following thread

      The biggest problem here is that restaurants tend to go out of business from lack of customers. There was a good, ethnic Romanian place (I think) that died recently.

      There's more eating floating in the back of my mind. They'll come to me later, for sure.

      Line Thai Resteraunt
      9805 W Bell Rd, Sun City, AZ 85351

      Rio Mirage Cafe
      13863 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374

      Ritter's Frozen Custerd
      17014 W Bell Road, Surprise, AZ

      White Eagle Deli & Restaurant
      16846 W Bell Rd # 109, Surprise, AZ

      Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro
      1809 N Dysart Rd #106, Avondale, AZ