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Mar 10, 2008 09:35 AM

Not into the chains too much... Towson...

I am looking for a good place to eat in or around the Towson/Timonium area... I am not really into chain restraurants... More the mom and pop, family type places... I really need your help, I want to go this evening... Thanks....

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  1. Towson Diner? It's more Mom & Pop. If you are looking for a bit more upscale, what about Cafe Troia? Oh, if you like something more ethnic, there is always Orchard Market & Cafe on Orchard Tree Lane.

    1. I would go to Souris’ Saloon, its off of the circle on the corner, where York road meets the circle. The crab cake sandwich is AMAZING!!!!

      1. Towson bagels used to be really good in my college days. Pasta Mista used to be really good too, across the mall on Dulaney? These places are really low key and more involve ordering at counters

        1. Not much I'd recommend up there. Kabob Hut is a hole in the wall on Allegheny that's got yummy kabobs. No ambience at all, but good food. Sushi Hana on the other side of York from the theater has good sushi. As mentioned, a lot of people like Orchard Market, but I don't have any experience. I need to rectify that. Sans Sushi on Pennsylvania just off York Road is not the go-to place for sushi, but does decent Thai.

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            I second the Kabob Hut. Have eaten there 3-4 times and have found food to be consistent. Appears family owned and operated and I like to support that type of place.
            Orchard Market was just so-so. Mango shrimp had a margerine aftertaste. My dining partner really enjoyed their veggie wrap, commenting on the flavor of the bulgarian feta

          2. I second/third/fourth Orchard Market. We were throughly delighted when we found the place with the help of chowhound. It is tasty, unique and the kind of atmosphere and spirit you only get from a great family run establishment.