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Mar 25, 2002 04:41 PM

Fish at breakfast help request

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One of my quirks is that I really like to have fish as part of my breakfast. Yesterday we went to GoodStuff Restaurant in Manhattan Beach and I got what I wanted. Note: not a recommendation but the restaurant is not bad - food was fine (fresh mahi-mahi, scrambled eggs, etc.) and service was only ok.

My request: As fish at breakfast is unusual, I was hoping that some of you fellow Chowhounds may have some suggestions of places to find it. (Westside area)


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  1. Any Jewish deli worth its weight will have fish platters on the menu that usually comes with a bagel or two. They also should have bagels and lox and eggs, lox and onions.

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      Note, those are smoked fish like lox, sable, white fish, cod. You can also get pickled or sour creme pickled heering in any self respecting deli, and of course gefilte fish, which is like a croquete of fish (without any breading) that has previously been cooked and is eaten cold with some nice horseradish.

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        Scrambled Eggs, Lox, and Onions is one of my favorites! I should have mentioned that in my original post. Looking for other options also. Thanks.

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          Weiler's Deli in Woodland Hills on Victory at Desoto has bbq cod, eggs and onion and whitefish, eggs and onions in addition to lox, eggs and onions.


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            If you want a lox scramble, go to Snug Harbor on 23rd and Wilshire in Santa Monica. Be patient, there's not much seating and it's popular on weekends.

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          Vanessa on The Town

          I've had great catfish and eggs for breakfast at Kokomo's in the 3rd St. Farmer's Market before. It was fried though, and I don't know if this is what you want or something a little healthier.

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            Sounds good. I'll have to try it. Thanks

          2. Do what I do, broil or saute some salmon or snapper and make enough for left overs. Cold fish is fantastic for breakfast.

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            1. re: Chino Wayne

              I agree and often do the same! I was looking more for restaurant suggestions. Thanks

            2. As fish at breakfast is unusual, I was hoping that some of you fellow Chowhounds may have some suggestions of places to find it. (Westside area)>>
              It's very common in Hawaii to get fish at breakfast, but I guess that's stretching the definition of the Westside.

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              1. re: mc michael

                You have just given me a good reason to stop putting off my first trip to Hawaii! Thanks

                1. re: Ray

                  Oh you don't have to go to the trouble to go to Hawaii, I am sure there are plenty of Hawaiian's and other Pacific Islanders in the Torrance area thazt can steer you to a place that does fish for breakfast. Why would you want to go to all the trouble to go to Hawaii and stay in some beautiful hotel on the beach and enjoy the sun and the surf, when the important business is chowing? ;-)