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Mar 10, 2008 09:22 AM

Downtown Dinner Club - Toms River

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I read somewhere that this place is run by the owner of the Old Corner Deli in Island Heights. It used to operate on weekends but now is open Tuesday through Saturday. From what I further understand, it may have required a membership fee but is now open to the general public. Any help would be appreciated.

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    1. bgut1, where is this located downtown...I work on Washington St. and haven't seen it. Is it on Main St.?

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        Its 216 Main Street in the back part of the building where the old Downtown Restaurant used to be. I believe the entrance is on Irons St.

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          His website is Last week there was info on the club and memberships fees ($175). But for some reason it's gone, in its place is the menu from last week. It said last week that it is open to the public. I also noticed that the deli is no longer doing dinner. I'm looking foward to going to the new spot,I always had good food at the deli. The only perks of the membership I remember for sure is that you get first availability of reservations and special events, free bottled water, and use of their riedel wine glasses (nonmembers may also have access to them, not sure).

      2. Bgut
        Went to the dinner club last night it was awesome. Sorry don't have time for a full review right now, but yes it is now open tues-sat to the public. In the previous years when it was private they only held dinners there 4-6 times a month. The food was always good at the deli but now that you can enjoy it in a more refined atmosphere with a professional staff it's just wonderful. A couple of the waiters and waitresses worked at Jeffreys. To confirm my previous reply they do use riedel stemware, the only other restaurant I know using it is Nicholas. We are just happy to have a real option in the OC. I'm really not one who minds paying for quality so these extremely reasonable prices are real bonus.
        As for as location you are right it is where the old Downtown used to be, but it's located in the back where Downtown's banquet facilities were.

        Oh I forgot to mention there is no longer a private dinner club.

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          Thanks AC. I will defintiely dine there real soon and report back. Thanks.

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          1. The original comment has been removed