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Mar 10, 2008 09:15 AM

Lunch in Lynn, MA

My wife and I will be in the Lynn, MA area this Saturday. Where can we go for a great lunch? Seafood, ethnic, burgers - we're in the mood for anything as long as we don't waste calories on mediore food. Thanks, hounds.

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  1. Angela's Coal Fired Pizza right next door in Saugus has been getting some good reviews on this board lately,

    Angela's Coal Fired Pizza
    880 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

    1. What are you in the mood for? Good mexican at Tacos Lupita on Munroe Street. Vietnamese at Pho Lynn on Munroe and another Pho place on Union. Great Banh Mi at Cali sandwich on Union. Dominican take out from La Fe on Union. Cambodian/Asian at Golden Lake on Bennett Street (great location as it is in an old diner car).

      1. Second Tacos Lupita, Cali, Golden Lake,Cali and the other Vietnamese place on Union - Pho Minh Ky - IMO, food is better and service much more pleasant than Pho Lynn.
        Mittapheap on Western Ave for really good Cambodian. You'll find detailed posts if you search the board. Monte Cristo for Mexican/Salvadoran, which we found through this board.

        Green Tea on the Lynnway for Chinese, especially for the twin or triple lobster.

        Mildred's on Lewis Street is a cute little cafe serving great breakfasts. They serve lunch,as well, and I think you can get any of the breakfast items. To this non-tea drinker, there appears to be a great selection of teas. (They close right after lunch; check their hours).

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          These are all great suggestions - thank!

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            Right on about the more pleasant service at Pho Minh Ky. What is the deal with the old man at Pho Lynn? He makes you want to not go back. How is Green Tea? I've heard mixed reviews. And where is Monte Cristo?

            1. re: El Guapo

              Pho Lynn- He is one reason I don't like going there, The other is that the food isn't as good as it was; last time I had the pho, I could smell the cloves as soon as the kitchen doors opened and that's all I could taste. And the "vietnamese coleslaw" - chicken over shredded cabbage in a nice light dressing, previously either oil-free or with a minmal amount, was drowned in oil.

              We love Green Tea. The lobster is great, albeit small, whatever Chinese veg they have on any particular night (you need to ask) is always good, as are the seafood soups. I also like the chicken soup with vegetables. steamed whole fish can be excellent, but depends on the fish itself, There's a fried fish filet on the menu that you can have steamed and is quite good. If you have something in mind and they have the ingredients, they'll can usually make it for you. If you like more Americanized Chinese food, great crab rangoon, good,meaty on the bone spareribs, good wonton soup.

              Monte Cristo is on Central Avenue.

              1. re: JRL

                Pho Lynn and Pho Minh Ky are both excellent. I prefer Pho Lynn since they serve beer. Please don't judge the quiet man. He has a story from the "old country" that has stripped away the usefulness of idle chatter. The Vietnamese cabbage salad with tofu is my favorite dish.

            2. re: JRL

              Is Green Tea actually good? I grew up in the area and drive by there every time I'm coming home from the airport. For years I've driven by and it's always looked insanly sketchy...especially with their lobster specials etc.

              Is it really edible?

            3. Monte's, Le Petite Cafe for sandwiches - tiny but wonderful.

              1. Monte's.

                By the way isn't Pho Lynn gone?

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                  My daughter just went to Green Tea on Saturday. Granted they had a pu pu platter, but I always hear good reviews about it. Don't they own Sugarcane in Peabody? I could be mistaken or my sources could be wrong.

                  1. re: qianning

                    I don't think so (about Pho Lynn being closed). My office just ordered food from there a few weeks ago.