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Mar 25, 2002 04:11 PM

Teriyaki HELP!

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My daughter is a picky eater. She loves chicken teriyaki. Any suggestions for good teriyaki, between Hollywood and Santa Monica?


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  1. Millyuns of places, hun. The whole Sawtelle district falls in your purview. Specifically, Yuuki, which is a block and a half north of Olympic on Sawtelle, and New Japan, which is at Santa Monica and Sawtelle.

    Also, Mishima (Wilshire/Granville amoung other places) and Yashima (Olympic/Sawtelle) have bento boxes that feature teriyaki.

    1. Westwood has some joints, but a cheap and fast place that's pretty good is Saks Teriyaki on 1121 Glendon. Kind of hard to see where it is though, a friend showed me where it is.

      I also like Hakata on Wilshire, next to the new balance store, and of course Mishima. Sawtelle is great too...lots of places to explore there.

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        I think teriyaki chicken is inherently an inferior food item but I must agree Sak's is quite edible. I frequented the place while in college and have been back a few times recently since I've been taking classes in Westwood. Pretty good quality for what is essentially a fast food joint.

        Sak's Teriyaki
        1121 Glendon (near Lindbrook)
        Westwood Village

        1. re: Belafkih

          Sak's is right next to Acapulco's, which is a LOT more visible on Glendon. Hadn't even though of it, though.

          Avoid Yoshinoya and Spike's (and imitators) Teriyaki Bowl... bleh!

          1. re: Belafkih

            I wish more mall foodcourt teriyaki counters, college foodcourt teriyaki counters, and neighborhood rice bowl places were like Saks. This is perhaps the most consistent eating establishment I've ever frequented. As students, my friends and I depended on Saks value and reliability, and I'm sure many others would concur.

            1. re: Belafkih

              Took my teenage daughter to Saks. She loved the teriyaki, but it took a second to the large table of college boys sitting across from us. Thanks.

              1. re: Sandra W.

                No college boys- they can't afford it. But the beautiful people eat delicious beef teriyaki (and I'm usually a purist- at Taylor's), at Teru Sushi, on the north side of Ventura Blvd. just east and around the bend from Dupar's and McDonald's, just east from Laurel Canyon Blvd. Be ready for valet parking..and you'd better be driving a late model Mercedes.