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Mar 10, 2008 09:13 AM

Speed's now open

Just had the first Speed's dog of the season. Delish....

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  1. I wish hot dogs could be faxed....I'm never in that area during the day. Are they ever there after work or on weekends?

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      According to Bob Dobalina's post from about a month ago, I don't believe they're currently open on weekends, and they're definitely lunch-only.

      I'm hoping that as the weather improves, they'll start serving on Saturdays again. A Speed's dog makes a darn fine weekend lunch.

      1. re: finlero

        According to the guy dishing out the dogs this morning, Speed's will be open Monday - Friday from 9:30 - 6.

        1. re: cath116

          It figures I stop by last Thursday olny to be denied

          1. re: cath116

            The sign this afternoon said March hours will be weekdays from 10-5. Starting in April, hours will be weekdays 10-6, Saturdays 11-4.

        2. re: hiddenboston

          I highly recommend calling in a mental health day one perfect Spring day and treating yourself. It's not easy for me to get there either but oh so worth it.

        3. Totally jealous. What's the rule of thumb for inclement weather with the new operators?

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          1. re: gini

            A direct quote: "I'll be here unless it's pouring rain".

            1. re: cath116

              you guys talked me into it. Grabbed one today. Awesome as always and still $7

          2. Any thoughts on whether the dogs will travel? I have not yet had the priviledge and really want to get some; my coworkers have asked if I could bring some back to the office (about 20 minutes away I'd say)

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            1. re: Zatan

              I've travelled with the dogs and they held up fine. But, these dogs were early, original Speed dogs. We used to buy the dogs, drive to castle island, park and walk to a spot to eat. That's probably around 20 minutes when it's all said and done. Still delicious and a prettier setting than Newmarket Square.

                1. re: Zatan

                  I've actually saved half for the next day (but that's just me I know).
                  I'm looking forward to the dude in Wakefield where a more manageable sized but same quality dog will be more up my alley.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    If you're talking about Fred's Franks ( then I agree he's good, and uses high quality dogs, but there's something about the stuff Speed's marinates/bastes their dogs in that gives it that awesome quality. Fred's grills his (on a Big Green Egg, I believe) but there's no basting, and so for me the dogs just don't get to the Speed's pinnacle. But CERTAINLY the second best dog around!

                    1. re: Chris VR

                      Fred's website now says he is looking at a Patriot's day opening.
                      Also, he is thinking of offering pulled pork occaisionally.

                2. Is today's (Wednesday 3/12) weather poor enough for the cart not to be out this afternoon? Allstonian and I are going to the flower show this afternoon, which will put us driving past there during the afternoon on a weekday, which NEVER happens, so we're thinking about trying our first Speed's dogs, and it would suck if it was just bad enough out for the cart not to be there.

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                  1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                    In fact, he was there, and the dogs are all that have been claimed and more. Completely worth the side trip.

                    While we were waiting for our dogs, a trucker pulled up and ordered one with everything, saying that he was from Wisconsin, heading down 93, and he'd just pulled in to the spot to catch a nap and wait out both the burst of bad weather we were having and rush hour on 93 South, but since he was there, yeah, he'd try a dog. I just love the idea of a guy happening to stumble into a meal experience that excellent.

                    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                      That's a great little story, BFP. Having stumbled upon so many memorable places by accident myself (Skip's in Gill, Family Recipe in Newport, VT, Top Dog in Cos Cob, CT, to name a few), I'm thinking he will always have Speeds in the back of his mind whenever he thinks of Boston from now on.

                  2. I failed to find Speed's truck today just after 12pm and on Wednesday at 12:30pm, granted, it was 'pouring' then.

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                    1. re: avial

                      That's interesting because I posted early this morning on another link that I saw him driving through Quincy early this morning. I was joking that maybe he would change locations and lucky for me!! Maybe there's still hope.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        I saw that before I left to go find the truck and was doubly saddened. Did they post a phone number up on their cart sometime last season? The guy and woman are on their bluetooth headsets all the time.