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Mar 10, 2008 09:09 AM

Rehearsal dinner in Palo Alto

I need to find a place to throw a dinner for about 50-75 people. I want someplace that is fun, not too fancy, and no Asian food. I am from out of town, so I don't know anything about the area.

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  1. With a group that large you'll probably have to look into the hotels in the area: the Sheraton palo alto (I think some other chain bought it), the Four Seasons on the E. Palo Alto border. Otherwise you would have to buy out an entire restaurant for the evening, check out Cafe Fino (live jazz, but not sure if the capacity is big enough), Zibbibo, Il Fornaio (the food's not great, but the setting is nice).

    1. I think Fayrouz can do it. Middle Eastern food.

      1. I regularly see Spalti on California Ave. hosting large groups of that size -- it's Italian food, pretty straightforward. If it will be late spring or summer, you might consider Caffe Riace, which is entirely outdoors (perhaps some tents at best) and has more of a fun atmosphere, though isn't cheap. Also Italian. I've been to some extremely large lunches there (about 35 people, all along one giant table), and suspect they could deal with 50-75.