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Mar 10, 2008 09:08 AM

Kiko's (Baltimore - Perry Hall) is closing

(They haven't updated the website with the news, but Marco and Petra sent out an email last week confirming the rumors. My original post was deleted because I'd pasted too much of their email... doh! Trying this again!


I'm so sad this this little strip mall gem is going away -- apparently the economy is hitting them hard. We went this weekend and pretty much ordered everything off of the menu, and Petra mentioned that they'll send out another email when they know more about their actual closing date. Plenty of great reviews -- including "Best Mexican" from Baltimore Magazine a couple years back -- and we found it to be excellent authentic Mexican food in an adorable space, probably hurt by the Perry Hall location and not diversifying to include burgers and pizza. I wouldn't have wanted them to exist any other way, but I'm still so sad.

They advise reservations if you're going to try to go before they shut the doors, but the crowds are unpredictable. One night last weekend it was jam-packed, while yesterday we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

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  1. This makes me very sad. Kiko's was always a great go-to place when I was up in PH visiting my parents. I might have to make the drive up there before they go.

    1. I am very sad to hear about Kiko's - this was a great little place. Part of the problem might have also been that you can drive past their location 100 times and never even know they are there - they were up on a hill in the middle of the shopping center where they are tough to spot. I have eaten there and the food was good, decor was cute and the people who worked there were very nice. This goes to show - support the good independent Mom and Pop restaurnats!

      1. I am also sad Kiko's is closing... while I found the food spotty sometimes, when it's good... it's really good... plus... you gotta love Jarritos.