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Mar 10, 2008 09:00 AM

Tonsillectomy Recipes

My brother just had a tonsillectomy on Friday and I was looking for some recipes for cold or lukewarm, soft or easily chewable, sweet or savory foods.

Any help is appreciated =]

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    1. According to Bill Cosby, SusieS has nailed cream.

      1. I third the ice cream recommendation, and can only add one thing: don't eat other stuff in front of him. when I had my wisdom teeth out my family ordered pizza for dinner and between the throbbing face and the impossible pizza, I wanted to die. I spent a lot of time lying on the couch, trying to figure out how to get pizza in the blender.

        1. There was a very long post about exactly this topic, posted by JungMann. If you can't find it by searching this board, try going through his posts. If I recall correctly, ice cream was NOT the best choice, especially in the beginning.

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            Here's the link to that thread:

            HTH Best Wishes to your Brother :)

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              I can attest to that. Ice cream felt horrible in the beginning. And I'd be careful with salt -- test how well you can tolerate it. Apple juice mixed with a little water, popsicles, small quantities of miso soup and gallons of tepid water kept me going initially. Eventually I took on cream of _______ soups and baby food.

              Don't try more than you can take on, either, as I learned the hard way. When I became desperate for solid foods, I tried to eat something or other that my body just wasn't having and ended up developing a sore that made it near impossible to eat ANYTHING.

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                I just had my adenoids and tonsils taking out 4 days ago. Ice cream or anything cold for that matter doesn't feel good at all. If felt nice when I first woke up after surgery due to my throat was burning, but after those couple hours. Cold just hurts too bad for me. I have to stick to room temperature things.

              2. In all seriousness, your brother may find he doesn't want to eat anything at all. My recollection is that my throat was so sore I didn't want to swallow ANYTHING for several days. I think I only had water and soup. By the time I felt like swallowing anything, I'd been cleared to eat just about anything.

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                  Ditto here. I remember looking forward to all the ice cream I was going to get to eat and then being so disappointed that I couldn't eat anything. The Brady Bunch lied to me!