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Mar 10, 2008 08:23 AM

Fine Dining in DC...only here for one night!

I am traveling to DC with friends in about 2 weeks and will be in town for only one dinner (a Saturday night). We are all huge foodies and love to eat any style of food. Price is not a huge issue and we also really enjoy good tasting menus. Where do you suggest for us to get one of the best meals in the DC area? Thank you!

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  1. My suggestion (even though I haven't tried it yet but have been dieing to) is attempt to get a reservation with Komi.

    Other suggestions would be our top restaurants (in my opinion), Equinox, back room of Palena, and Citronelle. If you are willing to travel outside of the city to Old Town Alexandria def. consider Restaurant Eve. It's incredible.

    I believe all of these restaurants have some form of a tasting menu.

    1. Komi - call immediately - you just might get in. (ignore the menu shown - it changes daily)

          1. 1789, Obelisk (i can speak personally to those). Don't like Citronelle; find it VERY overrated. Have heard great things about CityZen and Eve (just look on here with the search function). If you are willing to drive over an hour the Inn at Little Washington is a culinary experience that has to be had to be believed. it's really spendy though esp on the weekend...i think about $175 PP. The tasting menu in the chef's kitchen is about $300 a head. But the food is the finest ingredients anywhere delightfully prepared.

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              DCDOLL, I very much agree on the Inn at Little Washington. It's my absolute favorite in terms of fine dining in DC. Incredible service to boot.

              I don't dislike Citronelle, but I just adore the Inn!

              If driving is out, you should try to hit up Komi or CityZen.

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                AGREE!! Inn at Little Washington is by far the best. Citronelle is mostly hype in my mind. Not bad. But I won't return as there are too many other high-priced venues to test out. ILW is one of the best in the world IMHO - ESPECIALLY for their service. You are treated like royalty. Now ... if you are into artsy/modern decor ... then maybe it's not for you. It's very much an inn.