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Mar 10, 2008 07:54 AM

Payne's Bar-B-Q in Memphis - Wow!!!

Even with how much it was built up for me in the research I'd done, the chopped pork sandwich at Payne's exceeded my expectations. It's the real deal. Best BBQ sandwich I've ever had. If you go to Memphis and are looking for BBQ, you've got to go to Payne's.

Questions? Comments?

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  1. I live in NC where tuly great barbecue sandwiches can be found. Payne's sandwich is still my favorite.

    1. Payne's is one of the few highly respected BBQ meccas in Memphis that I haven't visited yet- I'm going to go there this week!

      1. Yep,they just serve a fine pork sandwich,and maybe the pie.

        Being doing it well for a lot of years.


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        1. re: TomFl

          I did a huge write-up on these boards of a summer excursion of mine that covered over a dozen of the finer bbq places in Memphis, and Payne's stands out the most in my mind. It is certainly the first place I'll return for a sandwich when I get back to Memphis.

          1. re: notgreg

            Is the Elvis Pressley Blvd location just as good as the original location??

            1. re: gottseam

              I'm not aware of a location on EPB, gottseam. But then I'm not from Memphis.

          2. The sliced pork is also very good and unique even for Memphis I believe. Great Great sandwiches!

            1. This is alittle bet of a digression, but do any of you know whethere they are barbecuing again at Big S grill? the last time we tried there, they said that they weren't cooking then, that there had been a problem with their cook, but that they were going to be starting back soon. I didn't ask whether it would be the same cook that had been barbecuing there for the last several years, or someone new, but hadn't been back since last fall, and was wondering if anyone else had. I just figured this was a well-experienced Memphis BBQ group and thought I'd ask.

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              1. re: chazzerking

                Yeah, I looked into going there last time I was in Memphis. From what I could tell, Big S was pretty much a one man show when it comes to the BBQ (JC Hardaway being the one man). And from the internet research that I did, it looks like Hardaway has died???? That's just the conclusion I came to...don't know if anyone can confirm or deny???????

                1. re: jamiecarroll

                  That's correct, jamiecarroll. Mr. Hardaway died 4 years ago. Never made it to Big S but that name still gets mentioned when the best is brought up. My favorite is still Paynes and the BBQ Shop.