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Mar 10, 2008 07:50 AM

Fish House at DVP/Sheppard

I used to go to the fish house at dvp/sheppard and it used to be good ..... is it still there or swimmin' with the fishes - any other fish restaurant ideas

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  1. Long gone - it had moved up to Woodbine just north of Esna Park/John, but I don't think that location held on either. The freshest fish seem to be in the Chinese spots, but you may not want those preparations.

    One place we tried during Winterlicious was "Cfood", on Yonge, a few blocks north of Eglinton. They didn't have as many fish on offer during the festival, but apparently they have a lot of different fish, along with some very innovative appetizers.

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      What are you talking about? It's on Leslie just north of Sheppard. They had the new place built before the old one burned down. Not that its suspicious or anything.

    2. It burnt down and they moved to another location. Can't recall where, as I don't eat there.

      For quality seafood, try Starfish downtown. Immeasurably better quality than the Fish House.

      1. I was at Fish House earlier in the year at the Woodbine location so perhaps they have closed down recently (if they have)?

        On the higher end there's always Chiado. Though labelled "progressive Portuguese cuisine" and perhaps not thought by many to be a seafood restaurant, Chiado has some of the freshest European seafood in the city.

        1. The location at Woodbine and John/Esna Park is still there. I was here about a month ago.

          Come on people, you can't seriously compare The Fish House to any of the restaurants mentioned here... they're in a completely different class! The Fish House is just fine if you're looking to eat fish on a budget. Of course it's not as good as a $40 dish at an upscale resto, but I'm happy to pay $14 for a meal there. It's fine.

          1. I ate at the Woobine location just last week for the first time and really enjoyed it. The service and atmosphere at lunch was nice, quite the business buzz and knowledgeable service.

            Fish was great. We had some grilled tuna and "cajun" fish and chips, both very fresh and flavorful. No, it isn't a high end place, but for someone like me who loves fish it is nice to have it ten minutes from my office.


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              When I think of a fish, house, the large, busy eastern seaboard places come to mind. Broiled fish, fresh chowder, fried seafood. There are so few casual places that do this in Toronto. Even with Lake Erie close by, the best I can think of are Fish House, C-Food, and Starfish. And the hotel in Port Dover.

              Any others?

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                If you're in the C-food area of Yonge and Eglinton, how about trying Zee Grill over at Mount Pleasant and Manor Rd? I enjoyed the food there better than at C-food.