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Mar 10, 2008 06:34 AM

Clyde's in Reston-Review

I've lived in downtown Reston for the past 7 months and although I've walked by Clyde's numerous times and even went in once briefly on a Friday only to see the bar three deep, I found the perfect opportunity yesterday to FINALLY eat an early dinner at the bar, around 4:00pm.

There were only 6 or 7 other people there but the bartender immediately asked me what I was drinking and if I wanted a menu.
I had a beer while deciding what to eat and asked him many questions about what he thought of the different items I was considering.

I settled on the American Cheese Platter, the Mussels, and the Lamb Shank for dinner.

I ordered a bottle of $42 Silvio Grasso Fontanelle Barbera d'Alba Talia Piedmont Ried that was half priced on Sundays for $21. First kudos

The cheese plate had 4 GREAT tasting cheeses that were a large slice of 2-3 bites. They were served with a warm raisin walnut bread that didn't overwhelm the cheese. Also a small ramiken of raisins.The cheeses were a hard sharp cow's milk, a mild blue cheese, a soft fontina-type, and finally a very delicious triple cream. Second kudos

Second was the mussels in red broth with potato chunks, pieces of tomato, spices, and chorizo sausage. The mussels were plentiful, about 20-25. They had not a single grain of sand or grit and tasted great. The bread for dipping added to the fun. Third kudos

Then came the very large and meaty lamb shank with couscous and wilted spinach in lamb stock gravy. The lamb was super tender, spectacular with great flavor and little to no fat. Spinach and couscous were great sides. Fourth Kudos

A woman next to me asked me what was I eating that smelled so good and I told her it was the lamb. I thought she was going to dive right in my plate!

I then asked her and her friend what dessert looked the best to them and they said the pear and caramel bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream; which I ordered and shared some with them. I had a Chambord on the rocks as well. We all agreed the bread pudding was delicious. Fifth Kudos.

Throw in GREAT service from an older male bartender who was "old school" and this was just a wonderful way for a single guy who really enjoys great food to spend his Sunday afternoon!

Total before tip: $88.00

I'm glad I finally made it here and as Arnold said: "I'll be back"

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  1. Glad to hear it. The service at Reston (Clyde's in general) can be spotty, particularly in the dining room. I've always liked the bartenders at Reston, and the more seasoned the better. Your dinner sounded delicious. You'll find lots of mixed reviews on this board, because Clyde's can be hit or miss. But in general they try hard to serve fresh, usually local ingredients, and some of their dishes are really spot on. Though going at an off-hour certainly increases your odds of a positive, more chowhoundish experience. Not that it's any excuse, but having worked there years ago, when the kitchen is totally slammed (which it is most of the time) every aspect of patrons' dining experience can suffer.

    1. Being that I grown up in the area for many years, Clydes was like my first entry way into "higher up" dining when I was a kid. Nevertheless, I still go there now as an adult, specifically the Reston branch. When it comes to restaurants, it is all about consistency, and Clydes is always consistently good, and the service is very good. Try going to the Ashburn branch. That branch is beautiful, and they have a slightly different menu than the Reston branch. Take Care.