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Mar 25, 2002 11:41 AM

Baracoa embarrassment

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Okay, I'll admit it, I was wrong.

Went for lunch again at Baracoa in Atwater yesterday with none other than Chowhound's own Vanessa On The Town. I'd previously waxed poetic about the ropa vieja, which I swore up and down on this board was made from pork. Well, it's beef. Don't know why I had pork on the brain. But there you go. Vanessa seemed to enjoy watching me eat cow, as it were -- now you all get to smirk at me, too. The good news is: the ropa vieja was as good as I remembered. Er, right Vanessa?
They also now serve a wonderful smoky garbanzo bean dish, which I cautiously recommend...

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  1. v
    Vanessa On The Town

    I concur that the Garbanzo beans were delicious and they were not made of pork. Thanks to Rafi for introducing me to Baraco. Enjoyed a really great meal of Ropa Vieja (beef version), Garbanzo beans (sort of like a soup), black beans, rice, plantanos and avacado salad. Also Rafi ordered and I tasted oxtails for the first time. All was especially yummy and cheap. I'll be going back for sure.