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Mar 10, 2008 06:15 AM

Spending most of the week in El Paso Tx

Spending most of the week in El Paso and looking for on update on recs from the board.

Places mentioned previously include:

Cafe Central
Mi Piaci
Los Bandidios de Carlos (sp?)

Not interested in driving great distances as it will be 4 long (10-12 hr) days.

Any new places or suggestions?

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  1. carnitas queretaro
    l & j cafe
    little diner in canutillo
    (it's carlos & mickey's)
    cattleman's steakhouse in fabens

    1. Hellpaso knows! though Mi Piaci is AMAZING as is 2900 (Mesa) and for Barbecue MO'Z off US 54. For a pricey meal, Cafe Central is as good as ANYPLACE / ANYWHERE. They are amazing at everything! DANES Steakhouse is new and pricey but good as well.
      For romance Mi Piaci / for a great meal anytime The Greenery and for that one great steak it's Cattleman's at Indian Cliffs Ranch. Oh and for Mexican Breakfast La Rincon de Cortez