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Mar 10, 2008 06:05 AM

Baltimore CITY- best french onion soup?

I am feeling the need for a good hearty french onion soup. I'd like the serving size to be big and cheesy....but not as big as the almost BUCKET of FOS that Capital Grille serves ( although it is good). Veal stock is a must. Any suggestions in Baltimore CITY?

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  1. I always liked Kislings Tavern's FOS. But it's been awhile....

    Petite Louis FOS is consistently good.

      1. re: BaltoPhilFood

        Second Birches. Not sure if he uses veal stock, but it's hands down the best in the City I've had.

      2. I was also going to recommend the French Onion at Petit Louis. very rich base. YUM!

        1. The FOS at Woodberry Kitchen was the best I've ever had.

          1. Had dinner 2 weeks ago at the Chameleon Cafe----always superb. Their version of onion soup was based on oxtails.....same classic veal stock, onion and gruyere crostini----yet brimming with rich, supple oxtail. Smashing! Never been a fan of Petit Louis' offering--I find it a bit weak and rather uninspiring. They need to re-tool the sad attempt at frissee aux lardons as well----last time it was served sans roquefort and quite impossibly, no poached egg. The frissee is always diced to shreds.....and never very fresh. My version with chicken liver vinaigrette and duck bacon is damn good!

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              Chicken liver vinaigrette and duck bacon? I'm on my way over. What time is good for you?

              I have to agree with the others about Petit Louis. A good basic version. But then, I'll happily eat the French onion soup at Panera, so how can you trust me?