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Mar 10, 2008 04:12 AM

2 New Places in Haverhill- ? Anyone tried them

Just wondering...couple of new places downtown Haverhill..
Alforno Trattoria- in the old River City Billiards location (formerly Toula's)
Taste of Bangkok-Thai place in the the old Jimmys IV location.
Feedback appreciated...

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  1. haven't been to AlForno yet. it looks a little Sketch from the outside because all the signs are messily hand lettered on foam board and they only have the frame up for the awning. the place looks a little bombed out from the street. i know one friend who went and said it was an OK red sauce joint.

    as for Taste of Bangkok i may have a hard time trying this place as the previous ameri-chinese place that this used to be was Awful.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Im with you...kind of "scared" to try either. Alforno still looks like the old RCB..agree..looks kind of scummy from the street. I read in the paper they are trying to get extended liquor license for a '"lounge" upstairs. I heard from 1 person that Thai place wasn't great either and service was horrific.
      Haverhill area chowhound choices are slim

      1. re: Vicki99

        well we still have Keons (although Keons has a new chef starting this week), ESG, Georges and Kruegers.
        i haven't been to Olivias yet but i hear it's kinda on the same level as Orzo.

        1. re: ScubaSteve

          I wouldn't worry about Keon's, I know the owner (and a former chef), it's all about his recipies.

          1. re: treb

            Have been to Keons several it..but get a little bored with the limited menu. Maybe the new chef with spark it up. Not a big fan of Essex Street Grill....caters to drinking crowd and food is nothing special. Krugers is good for lunch..but I find it very crowded at night..and lots of screaming kids drinking out of sippy cups. Like Olivia's. The food/service is good...although we sat in the back and got smoked out from the kitchen...they need better ventilation back there. Georges doesn't interest me...looks boring. We do like Bistro 45..nice atmosphere, good food, friendly bartenders and patrons.

            1. re: Vicki99

              He'll allow the chef to have 'creative licence', I mean your not a chef without that, just a cook.

              1. re: Vicki99

                i've only been to Kruegers at what i would call Off Times so i don't have to worry about the soccer set.

                a lot of my DownTown peeps like ESG and use it as their go-to place when Keons is booked.

              2. re: treb

                yah, i hear yah. but i am hoping that the new blood will inspire them to break out of the box a bit.

            2. re: Vicki99

              Are you sure that you heard from the person who tried "Taste of Bangkok" not the other Thai place? There is another Thai place which is just OK. For the new place "Taste of Bangkok", I brought my family there last weekend, the food was phenomenon plus nice admosphere. The owner has renovated the whole place. Very very clean. Totally different from what chinese place used to look like.

              I am very happy that finally we have a decent Thai restaurant in town.

              1. re: n3510301

                What's the menu like at the new Thai place, what were some of the dishes your family had? I'm eager to try it now.

                1. re: n3510301

                  We went tonight, and I agree with n35... The restaurant was very clean, and the service couldn't have been better: very attentive without being intrusive. I had the spicy beef salad, which was spectacular: slices of extremely nice quality beef, perfectly seasoned and cooked. The salad part was ice berg, very fresh sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and sliced onions, but oh that beef.
                  My husband had the pad see yeuw (not adventurous, or into spice) and enjoyed it. There were a lot of small touches: the paper on the straw on my thai coffee was folded up into a little rose! Because of the grand opening, we got little favors: a wooden book mark and a key chain, and a light dessert of coconut jelly with red gelatin and little bananas with a creamy coconut sauce. The dessert was light and just right. So happy to have such fresh Thai, and nice people, in the neighborhood. Now I want to try more from the menu.

                  1. re: pastrytroll

                    really? who knew?
                    we had a really Good Experience at Brown Sugar today and we're kinda pumped to continue with more Thai.

                    is there just one menu?
                    how is the rice?

                    1. re: ScubaSteve

                      Just one menu, as far as I know: we didn't have time to linger. And the menu looked pretty standard. Since we had salad and a noodle dish, can't speak to the rice. But I liked the quality enough that I hope to hit the place for lunch this week. I'd love to try a curry. It's still low ceiling, but the table and settings were spotless. And in Haverhill!

            3. Alforno just put up a banner that proclaims an All You Can Eat Italian Lunch Buffet.

              the beginning of The End so soon?

              1. I've been there 3 times in two weeks.(Take out only) Consistent fresh quality. The first night I went there was to say hi to the new owner, a former bartender at the "Tokyo" in Salem, NH. With the great food and his sense of humor, you'll have a belly full of a good night (or day).

                1. I think the best place in Haverhill is Evenfall.

                  Great food and a great atmosphere.

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                  1. re: SleepyDaddyof2

                    IMHO, Evenfall and Glory, it's sister in Andover, are overrated and overpriced. I'd go to Keon's anyday before Evenfall.

                    1. re: treb

                      i like the look of Evenfall's bar better than Keon's.
                      and i've never had less than great food and service from Glory. however, i've only ever eaten at the bar.

                      1. re: ScubaSteve

                        I agree w. Treb
                        Evenfall and Glory are both overpriced, over-rated and underwhelming. ..especially Glory. I had salmon there that was the same as the 99 Restaurant serves except it was on top of 2 butternut Ravioli( yes, that's right 2!!) Both have beautiful atmosphere and interior decorations but it just doesn't have the whole package when your paying those prices. Evenfall has a wonderful chef, Scott Pelletier, who should just open his own restaurant.

                        Will try Keon's again soon..when the new chef is up and running!!

                          1. re: ScubaSteve

                            Thanks..will try soon.
                            Any new items on the menu?

                            1. re: Vicki99

                              i don't really pay attention to the menu here.
                              i did peruse it last Saturday but not being familiar i couldn't note anything as new.

                  2. I just came away from the new Thai place with noodle soup with chicken. It was very good, and tasted fresh. When I'm a bit more hungry and ready for adventure I'll go in and try something heavier.

                    I don't think this place is at all related to the ICKY Chinese place that was here earlier. In fact, the woman behind the register said that her husband did a gigantic clean of the kitchen, and implied that previous owners were unclean... so I doubt they're related.

                    Crossing my fingers!