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Mar 25, 2002 01:19 AM

Hot-dog-on-a-stick--am I crazy?

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I must confess, I love this shopping mall food court chain "restaurant." Every time I see one of these I have to get a dog and a large lemonade. The batter is so yummy, crispy on the outside, chewy and grainy with corn meal (I think) on the inside. The hot dog--not exactly Hebrew's National--squishy and rubbery, an unnatural mauve, a perfect vehicle for the batter, nonetheless, piping hot out of the sizzling artery-clogging oil. Slather on the yellow & red stuff and you have the perfect shopping mall snack.

Their lemonade is tart, sweet but not too sweet, very lemony. I love it!

Huell Howser did a piece on Hot-dog-on-a-stick. He was very much tickled by the silly outfits and the lemon pumping action--as he is tickled by just about everything. I just love the wieners.

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  1. Its really good stuff. I haven't eaten it in a while though (probably 3 or 4 years for the hotdog, a few months for the lemonade)...thinking about getting one at Santa Monica Place for lunch this week! Better than the other crap they have there!

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      I was starving shopping at Santa Monica Place last week and so I caved in and bought some mall food.... and...surprize... it was pretty good , better than edible....I had the #6 plate at the Japanese stand, which was: lots of crunchy romaine with a decent miso type dressing, steam table chicken teriyaki that was tasty for what it was :-), a huge amount of fresh fruit, sweet cantaloup, honeydew and decent strawberries, + 4 pieces of california roll that was freshly made and wasabi and ginger. I would recommend it if youre shopping...and need instant nutrition.

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        ugggh....Tokyo Kitchen. That place is really hit and miss. Last time I ate there, the chicken was very tough to the point of being inedible. I ended up throwing it away (after eating the rice and salad only) and getting an Ice Cream from Charley Temmel.

        The Mexican place there is probably the best for that food court.

        1. re: Belafkih

          Ha !! I think I had a lucky day then . I too, had expected to have a few bites and throw the rest away, which is what often happens when you're so hungry/rushed you purchase food you otherwise wouldnt touch!!! In general I don't recommend food courts :-) obviously!!

    2. There is no pleasure more guilty than those that defy reason. (Try those for misplaced modifiers!)

      Perhaps it's nostalgia, but I used to love those Hot-Dogs-on-a-Stick after a morning sesh at Bay Street in my youth. (A stone's throw from the Pier - still my favorite HDOAS locale.) Maybe it was the sweetness of the batter combined and the warmth of a hot dog in the gutty-wut on a cold mid-morning... Lather it up with some mustard and a cold lemonade, and you have the Trinity of the Unexplained.

      Hope this asuages your guilt?

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      1. re: cagey

        I think it's all about the uniforms the poor gals have to wear. And the lemonade. Can't imagine having a corn dog from there without the lemonade.

      2. Thought it might help your guilt to tell you that the hot dogs used in the corn dogs are actually turkey dogs. Not that they are that much better for you, but every little bit helps!

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          Leslie Brenner

          No more crazy than Jonathan Gold--you can find his piece about it in Counter Intelligence.