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Mar 9, 2008 08:43 PM

QA (Seattle) Coffee/Bakery/doughnuts

For the past two months I have gone to Macrena almost every morning to get what I call a Blackberry scone, and what the bakery natzis call a Marionberry biscut... every day I walk in, and face the surly "Artisan" bakers, a few are nice, but most have no customer service skills in the least. And after two months I should be known as "the biscut guy"

Last week I walked in , and in my daze I asked for a Blackberry Biscut, and was told that they didn't have any, I looked in the case and said " Oh, I ment Marionberry biscut"... I then asked what the difference between a marion berry and a blackberry was - (knowing full well that a marionberry is a cross between two blackberries that was developed at OSU in Marion County Oregon) I was then told by the holyer than thou staff person that a marion berry was closer to a blueberry than a blackberry, and that they must call it a marionberry in case anyone is allergic....I shook my head......

The next morning I went to the new top pot location on Galer.I walked in to the clean, bright room, to the tune of giggleing of three gals behind the counter, and the faint sounds of upbeat 90 pop music (dare I say the Backstreet boys ?) These gals were having fun - I asked for a Maple Bar, and it was perfect... as was the fun attitude of those working there. I went back on Friday, same crew, music a bit more subdued, but still with the same fun attitude....

This Morning we went to Cafe Fiore on Galer across the street from Top Pot , again, service with a smile, and a true feeling that they appreciated that we were ther - I've never got that feeling from Macrena - so now with two great alternatives, I'll be going to work via Galer, and not Mcgraw !


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  1. Marion Berry is a congressman (D) from Arkansas. A retired pharmacist. Who had a thing a while back about allergy medicine being around 1/5th the cost in Canada. These boys are just confused.

    Next time tell them you have a Canadian hard red spring wheat allergy and ask if their biscuits are safe for you. With a smile of course!

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    1. re: kaff

      Can't quibble with your experience, but I'd put up with a lot of attitude for one of Macrina's orange-hazelnut pinwheels, or various other products of theirs. The day that Top Pot can match those is, shall we say, a little ways off yet. Still, there's no excuse for surly treatment, and I suspect that a complaint to the manager might garner results.

      1. re: Barry Foy

        I doubt it. Not much of a tradition of customer service at either QA or downtown Macrina.

    2. You nailed it, those three experiences line up exactly with mine at Macrina, Top Pot, and Fiore. I do love Macrina goods, but I feel so much better supporting the welcoming pep of the new folks at Top Pot. And Fiore... they are just a whole other stratosphere of customer service. They take total care with their work and are unfailingly pleasant (even at 6am... heck, especially at 6am!). Too bad Macrina has such tasty pastries; people keep coming back and it just feeds their philosophy that they can afford to be "above" good customer service.