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Mar 9, 2008 08:31 PM

Edison, WA - Farm to Market Bakery

Took a field trip today up to the Skagit to look at herons at Padilla Bay.. had a great time, but the real find was the Farm to Market Bakery in Edison... We had a great sandwich on local bread that had salumi mole salami, avacoado, corn, melted fontina.... it was fantastic ! My son had a bowl of beef stew with lots of veg... also outstanding. Looked like they had wonderful sweets as well, but we will save those for another adventure.... those going up for tulips should take the side trip... great spot !

(and for those that sound PR'ish, look at my other posts, I'm a real contributor :) )

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  1. We ate lunch at the Farm to Market Bakery in Edison today and split a huge bowl of fabulous pozole plus a turkey/provolone sandwich. It was great. We go to Edison mainly to shop at Slough Food a couple of times a year and we get bread at the Bread Farm next to SF. We buy the salumi soppresata and a baguette and nosh away.

    Someone carried an enormous pecan roll by us as we were eating outside Farm to Market - looked great.

    1. I always stop at the Farm to Market after driving down Chuckanut drive from Bellingham to the Anacortes ferry. Espresso to go with one of their great goodies. You cannot go wrong here!

      1. Here is a story that's a few years old, but good:

        1. I haven't eaten at Farm to Market yet, but I'm glad to hear it's good - I know the new owner, Jim Kowalski, and he's a really nice guy and a great chef.