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Mar 9, 2008 08:11 PM

Kim Chee in Brooklyn?

I must have gone into 10 different "Korean" grocery stores in the South Slope and Park Slope today hoping to find some Kim Chee so I could try out a new Kim Chee Chigae recipe. Are there any good Asian grocery stores in the area where I can buy the real thing?

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  1. If you go to the Brooklyn Chinatown in Sunset Park(N train to 8th Ave), right across from the station is Hong Kong Supermarket. It's Chinese, but they have kimchee and some assorted Korean prodcuts as well. Short of visiting Koreatown in the city, it would be a decent option in the Slope area

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    1. btw have u guys seen this website-she's da bomd-great teacher for Korean foods!!!

      1. There is a Korean Deli on Prospect Park West
        probably between 16 St and 17th - on the north side of PPW.\
        They make their own kimchee - tried it - not bad.
        Walk into each deli and look for the Korean owners.
        I make Kimchee - not very hard to do but certainly time consuming.