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Mar 9, 2008 08:05 PM

chicharron prensado- how do I make it?

I recently had something called chicharron prensado at a local Mexican restaurant. It was served as a gordita filling, but was available as a meat for all their tasty treats. It states it is pork rids in a spicy red sauce.

I've looked all over for a recipe because it is so, so good. I've only found recipes in Spanish, which I'm not fluent.

Does anyone have a recipe? Or know where I can find one? I'd love to make this at home.


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  1. This is the first time I've read of this. Chicharron usually refers to pork rinds or skin, but this appears to be a mix of cooked (I think?) pork (meat, fat and skin) that has been pressed into a block. There are pictures on the web of a perforated cylindrical press for this. I'm imagining a compressed loaf of leftover carnitas. This meat is then sold by the slice, and cooked and/or served with the sauce.

    If I'm right this is not normally a home-cooked item, except for the last step. I'd suggest asking at a carniceria (Mexican meat market).


    1. I don't have a recipe, but I have a mystery to add to it. According to some people I know, it is not legal to bring chicharron prensado into the US. I would love to know why. They have an expression for it which translates roughly to, "if it don't snap, it don't pass."

      Also if anyone knows a place to get it in the US and in particular somewhere near central Texas, I and a bunch of Mexican ex-patriots would be very grateful.

      I mean I know someone who did chicharron prensado for a christmas dinner, that is how much it is missed. Don't worry the contraband material was immediately recognized, impounded and carefully disposed of in its entirety.

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        I don't know if you have found this but it seems to be sold under the Doña Lola Brand at Fiesta Mart. Not sure if that is close to you. Good luck!

      2. Interesting. Post one of the recipes and I'll translate.

        1. Your first challenge will be finding a source where you can buy "chicharron prensado," because the term applies to both an ingredient and to the dishes that are made with it. "Chicharron/chicharones" are the same thing as pork rinds or deep fat fried pork skin. You can buy them in bags in most potato chip aisles of supermarkets, and are a favorite munchy with beer and a football game. Chicharrones prensada (literally "pork rinds with luster") are the pork skin with a generous layer of fat still attached. I'v never bought and prepared them myself because I suspect they may not be #1 on the healthy foods list, but I assume you can get them in most Mexican or Latin American mercados. "Regular" chicharrons are also rehydrated and cooked or stewed before serving as soups or fillings for tacos and such. They are also crushed and used for a garnish on things such as tacos made with chicherrons prensado filling. Good luck!

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            Abuelita should stop while you're ahead! You have to use some common sense when using GOOGLE translate. "PRENSADO" refers to "PRENSA" ="PRESS" in English so that correct translation is "PRESSED" chicharron NOT "LUSTERED". Also, this chicharron is masculine and is are described as "Chicharron PrensadO". The press separates some of the fat off the chicharron :)


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              As done in that video, chicarron prensado is a byproduct of lard rendering. The crackling that is left over after the fat is drawn off, is pressed into a compact mass.

              I've never had it, but having cooked pigs ears and feet, I suspect it is more like head cheese than pork rinds. When cold it is probably quite chewy, even tough. When warmed it might actually be a bit gelatinous.

          2. Los Reyes de la Torta
            9230 N 7th St, Phoenix - (602) 870-2967

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              I rarely resurrect an old thread, but this particular one contains a lot of bizarrely inaccurate information--hotmexi, thank you for correcting some of it!

              Chicharrón prensado is indeed "pressed" chicharrón. Chicharrón (in Mexico) is, of course, heavenly crispy fat-fried pig skin, sometimes fried with some meat still attached to the skin. That's my favorite kind.

              When chicharrón is compacted in the press, it becomes another thing altogether. Bits of pork meat and fat are solidified in the pressing process, squeezed together until a good bit of the fat runs out and mostly meat is left, shaped into a disk. That compacted meat is sold just sliced off the disk, it's sold shredded, and it's sold in strips similar to bacon.

              When I prepare chicharrón prensado for comida, I usually sauté some sliced onions, a minced chile or two, and some minced garlic, then add the shredded chicharrón prensado and sauté until the flavors combine well. Spoon that mixture into fresh, hot tortillas, add some salsa cruda, and oh my.

              Chicharrón prensado is sold in any meat market in Mexico.

              Now I'm hungry! Time for comida...


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                On a recent Carnitas episode, RIck Bayless, demonstrated something like this at his upscale restaurant. Starting with carnitas as opposed to chicharon, he compressed it, then cut neat cubes, browned them, and served them in an manner that would impressed Iron Chef judges.