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Mar 9, 2008 08:05 PM

Any Wednesday Evening, Food Related Happenings?

THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES-.............Chowhound Eyes!
Working every weekday except 'WEDNESDAY evening' and would like to fill my schedule that night with a food related event.
Please, let me know about the best 'half price specials' or 'two-for-one dinners' available on WEDNESDAYS in the city..
Also interested in food lectures, tastings, slow food events, screenings or anything with a food theme on those WEDNESDAY evenings.
The Michael Pollan (Omnivore's Delemma-In Defense of Food) lecture was on a WEDNESDAY evening at the ROM < >

(See review at the end of the thread


Counting on the Chowhounds to round out my WEDNESDAY evenings off with eclectic events.

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  1. Normally I would not be reccomending Bier Market, but this Wednesday as part of their Taste of Iceland celebration, they are having a live preformance by Magni from the T.V. show "Supernova."
    I'll try to think of something better and post it.

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      I thought of another one! Harvest Wednesdays @ the Gladstone Hotel dining room. I not sure when they are starting up again, but here's the link.

      Gladstone Hotel
      1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

      1. re: fruglescot

        No. I havn't been recently. The food wasn't spectacular last time I was there. Just posting events that sound interesting.
        Here's another one; Coupe Space on Queen St E. has their spring/summer sched. up, and there is a Whiskey and cheese event on Wednesday, April 30. Their website is:

        1. re: dragonflygrl

          i did the tequila and absinthe tasting and while i wont' exactly vouche for the knowledge of christine sismondo on those specific subjects, i found the event well organized and lots of fun. we had kevin brauch ended up crashing (or was invited) to that particular event and made it that much more interesting.

          love the coupe space space btw.... very nice in a spare kind of way.

        2. re: fruglescot

          The Gladstone "Harvest Wednesday" program has not started as of yet. However, I signed up for their electronic news flyer so I will know in advance. Thanks for two interesting Wednesday night events.

        Each Wednesday's selected activity will be reviewed on this thread and how it went.
        I'm hoping for a more diversified selection of suggestions but do appreciate those of the single contributor thus far. Thanks Dragoflygrl

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          No problem, and I have another one for you. A friend mentioned to me that Cafe Taste on Queen west does a wine and cheese/nibbles event the second Wednesday of every month.

          Cafe Taste
          1330 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

          1. re: dragonflygrl

            A call to 'Cafe Taste' Wednesday evening revealed that Wed March 19th will be their second Wednesday of March this month.
            It was moved up to correspond with St Pattie's Day celebrations and will be a 'WHISKEY" and ?......... tasting night.

          2. re: fruglescot

            Just a quick note of reminder that while reviews of chow are welcome on the Ontario board, for activities that don't involve eating, we'd ask you to place any reviews on an appropriate board. For example, discussion of food related movies would be on the Food Media and News board.

          3. AND THE WINNER IS????
            It will come as no surprise to anyone that one of dragonflygrl's suggestions was the decision of the OB of where to spend his food related Wednesday evening out.
            The final selection was not a slam dunk , however, as I considered seeing a movie as that was a regular Wednesday wintertime activity for me. A quick scan of the movie reviews provided this short list of of possible food related cinema;
            2)Sweeny Todd
            3)The Pirates that Don't
            (A Veggietales movie)
            4)DAIRY of the Dead
            One by one they fell by the wayside
            1-A subtitled movie about 5 women who meet in a hairdressing salon in Beirut
            2-A movie where a woman makes meat pies from her lover's sartorial clients (Never been too fond of the musical genre)
            3-A kids movie rated ** star only
            4- A re-examine of the title revealed a typo. It was actually "DIARY" of the Dead

            Considering I had the listings in front of me and prompted by positive memories about a play called "The Arab-Israeli Cookbook", that I had enjoyed at The Berkley St. Theater, some time back, where the actors actually cooked on stage for the entire show, I checked for live plays with a culinary theme. The effort proved fruitless and so I made the final choice of where to spend my evening off.
            It would be dragonflygrl's.................. The Bier Market on Esplanade for the Taste of Iceland night. Being a blues, soul and jazz fan I was somewhat concerned about a night of Rock music, nevertheless, off into the night I went.
            (to be cont'd)

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            1. re: fruglescot

              It seems we are the only ones attending Wednesday events. Anyway, tonight, (Wed) is the launch party for Le Pain Quotidien on Eglinton. I will be in attendance, and will report back on whether they live up to the hype.