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Mar 9, 2008 07:46 PM

Stringhoppers in the GTA

Hi again,

Would anybody know where the best place is to purchase ready-made stringhoppers in the GTA? Thanks in advance!


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  1. Here is a picture of what they look like.

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    1. re: PNY

      Any Sri Lankan restaurant and takeout place will carry stringhoppers.

      1. re: TOchowgal

        Do you know of any specific places I can check? I've heard of people buying them at Sri Lankan/South Indian grocers, but I dont know where in the GTA these places are located.

        1. re: PNY

          Where abouts do you live PNY?

          I can give you some suggestions. Most Sri lankan restos are in the Scarb area but there is a really good one in Mississauga/Etobicoke and there is Rashna downtown.

          1. re: TOchowgal

            Thanks for your replies TOchowgal.

            I live in the West end (Oakville/Mississauga) so if there's a place near me, that would be awesome. But if not, I'm willing to make the drive to Scarb or downtown T.O.

            1. re: PNY

              Meenakxy Take-Out
              3419a Fieldgate Dr, Mississauga, ON L4X 2J4
              (905) 238 6114

              They are closed Tuesdays. I believe they open at 10 am. Please call them before you go to place your order. They carry both white and red stringhoppers.

              Their snacks are pretty good as well. We live in etobicoke and drive to Meenakshi almost every weekend for their snacks.

              1. re: PNY

                We usually get them from one of these 2 places. Very good and very cheap. I'm sure there are many places in Mississauga too.

                Vallin Bakery
                283 B Morningside Ave
                Scarborough Ontario
                Tel : 416-208-6037
                (25 stringhoppers, sambol and chutney for some ridiculously low price, either 3 or 5 bucks)

                Sooriyan Restaurant Take-Out &Catering

                3785 LAWRENCE AVE E, SCARBOROUGH, ON M1G 1R2
                in between Mossbank & Scarborough Golf Club
                (Cross Street: Shoredale DR and Gracemount CRES)
                Phone: 416-438-5333
                Both these places open after noon.

      2. Hopper Hut sells ready made String Hoppers, they're usually served with a coconut sambal and sothi (coconut milk, veggie curry)

        Also, you can find them at Luxmy in Scarborough at Lawrence, just east of Pharmacy, on the south side in the plaza. In my humble opinion, the quality is much better here. They're soft and dry enough so that they dont stick to each other.

        Madras Palance on Ellesmere east of Brimley also sells it.

        So does Embassy at Middlefield and finch
        There is a new take out sri lankan joint at markham and finch that sells it.
        There are also quite a few sri lankan joints on sheppard, just east of mccowan (north side plazas) that also carry it.

        If you're downtown, then Rashnaa. Why i just had them yesterday :)

        Generally these places are much better than their mississauga counterparts. IMHO.

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        1. re: Suresh

          I am Sri Lankan and I love food.

          I have had takeout from a lot of restaurants in Scarb, including Hopper Hut, as well as Rashna and Meenakshi.

          For me, personally, Meenakshi beats them all hands down.

          1. re: TOchowgal

            TOchowgal - what do you recommend as an "accompaniment" with the stringhoppers? I will be making a trip to Meenakshi mid-week and want to make sure I know what to order :) I've tried string hoppers a loooong time ago with a chickpea curry and chicken and it was quite tasty. Is there something like that at Meenakshi?

            1. re: PNY

              And personally I don't like Meenakshi. I'm willing to give it another shot.

              String Hoppers can be enjoyed a few different ways;
              As a sweet snack, with coconut shavings and some coconut milk.
              With Fish curry (this is the best) or with any other curries.
              With sambals, coconut sambals, chutneys, etc.

              1. re: PNY

                They usually give it to you with sothi (a milky curry - its mostly milk and it has sauteed curry leaves and dried chilis) and sambal (spicy coconut accompaniment).

                Stringhoppers go well with almost all curries.

          2. Thanks for all your replies!!! It is greatly appreciated and will help me out a lot! :)