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Mar 9, 2008 07:41 PM

Anyone try JakeWalk yet?

It just opened on the corner of Smith and Sackett in Carroll Gardens. It's owned by the Stinky Cheese and Smith & Vine people...they're just serving wine and cheese and small plates, I heard. Anyone try it? Curious if it's worth a visit.

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  1. It's the exact same attitude and product as found at Stinky and Smith and Vine, right down to the annoying name, which comes with a full-page explanation on the first page of the menu. That said, we enjoyed our wines and cheeses, although we ordered a potatoes and melted cheese thing which was at best mediocre, and how exactly do you mess that up? Black Mountain on Union is better, but this place is still a good addition to the otherwise bleak offerings on Smith.

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      I never liked Black Mountain, something about the annoying name...

    2. I've already been there a couple times and absolutely love it. I'm a huge fan of Smith & Vine and Stinky and they really nailed it with JakeWalk.

      Not only is there a great selection of wine, whiskey, and cheese but the folks behind the bar are awesome people with wonderful taste who truly care about their craft and their neighborhood.

      They perfectly laid out two flights of wine to go with our cheese plate and were extremely patient, friendly, and totally unpretentious - answering all our questions and giving us more info about what we were eating and drinking.

      Also - the overall vibe and space is very warm with spot-on decor and a great playlist of music (always!) - everything from bluegrass, blues, indie rock, and jug band goodness

      Great wine, whiskey, cheese, music and people... I think found my new favorite hangout in the hood!

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        I agree with you, jonnyharmonica. I was there Friday night (I braved the rain!) and I loved it. I love S&V and Stinky, so I knew I'd like it, and I certainly did!

        I was really impressed by their whisky selection - I know they know their wines and cheeses, but apparently they know whisky, too! I ordered whisky, my friend ordered wine, and we both got some cheeses. Everything was great, and the service was lovely, just as I expected.

        And the music was great, as you pointed out.

        Too bad I live 200 miles away now (instead of one block north like I used to...sigh...why couldn't they have bought out Quench years ago? That place was never good. Oh well.)

        1. re: scarlet starlet

          Anything's better than Quench.

          Don't know Black Mountain. Where is it? Not sure what's wrong with the name either, but maybe it's me. Sure beats the hell out of Jake Walk (ugh). IM(NS)HO

      2. I just got back from Jake Walk with my girlfriend. The bar itself is kind ehh. Not nuts about the decor, and I'm not even sure they were playing music. The service was slow at first, but that's only because it was PACKED. at 5:30p on a Saturday. Go figure; guess the S&V folks have a lot of clout in this 'hood.

        Anyway, the staff was very helpful/insightful. Our waiter helped us select 2 great flights of wine. We ordered the fondue (emmentaler + provolone w/ rosemary, thyme, white wine and garlic; delicious!) and marcona almonds. Almonds were nice, but dripping in olive oil.

        I'll definitely be back there, I just hope it doesn't get too busy.

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        1. re: the_state

          Psssst.....Marcona almonds are oliy. If they are not oily they aren't Marcona almonds. If you ever buy Marcona almonds and they are dry, you've been ripped off.

        2. Tried it last night. Was a cooler Sunday, but the place was about half full. Sat ourselves and had menus within a couple minutes. Bartender was doing all the service stuff, while a woman was in the back dealing with food. I looked over the pre-prohibition cocktail list, but was in the mood for something not on the rather limited menu. The bartender said he didn't know how to make it, but he ended up looking it up and result was delicious.

          For food we had a nice fondu that came with generous piles of salame, apples and bread. Also tried some pate, which we found a bit dry and crumbly. Finally, had some spanish ham and a nutty, but very hard california cheese. The bartender had called it semi-hard, but I think it was pretty much just hard-hard.

          Overall a nice experience. Very relaxed and not very expensive considering the amount and quality of stuff we got. Could take a long time for work through all the different food and drink possibilities.

          Also, staff was very friendly. Not aloof at all has some have said.

          1. I typically avoid writing ill of places, but we had an awful time at Jakewalk. When my party of 4 got to Jakewalk, half the tables were empty. Even so, it took 15 minutes for our order to be taken. After another 15 minutes, one of my friends just walked up to the bar to ask for our drinks again. The whole time our waitress totally ignored us passing us over and over again without checking in on us or even letting us know that our drinks were coming. One of the proprietors, I believe, took over and tried to sooth us, but it was too late.

            It was another 45 minutes before our food showed up. It wasn't until then that the waitress came back for the first time and told us that we should try to enjoy ourselves even though it took a long time. It was ridiculous. She walked past us dozens of times going to other tables and couldn't be bothered to say word one to us, but now she's concerned about how we were doing.

            What's amazing is that none of the food actually needed to be cooked, just dropped on a plate. We had an order of Rillettes and a plate of cookies both of which require no preparation at all. The fondue was the most complicated to prepare because it had bread, apples and sausages that had to be sliced up and the cheese had to melt in the bowl. This should not have taken an hour.

            The worst part is that the food and wine were all good, but the overall experience was awful. I won't be back.