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Rehearsal Dinner for 75. FQ or Uptown Not too pricey

Having a rehearsal dinner for 75 in January. Need to find reasonably priced place $35/person or less. Sit down or buffet style OK. Something traditional New Orleans. Any ideas?

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    1. Muriel's does a great job with rehearsal dinners and they are not too pricey. They have a great upstairs private dining room with balconies overlooking jackson square.

      1. We had ours at The Ugly Dog in the Warehouse District. They put out a nice BBQ buffet for us and it was very relaxed and social. Plenty of food and a half-barrel of Abita.

        1. My sister had her rehearsal dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse. The food was good and the location couldn't be beat. It looks like their cheapest packages start at $37pp, but they also have (cheaper) buffet options.

          1. I attended a rehearsal dinner at Delmonico's about ten years ago and and they did a fine job.

            1. pasacal's manale would be fun a rehersal. could probably get your own room and the oyster bar and bar area are fun.

              you could try casamento's. might have to email them to see if they would do a private party for you.

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                I don't think you couldn't get 75 people in Casamento's if you tried.

                We had our rehearsal dinner (also 75 people) at Ralph's on the Park. It's not uptown or in the f.q. but it's not bad to get to, and it was really great.

              2. I went to a rehearsal dinner at Cannons.It was a sit down...we had a few choices. It was great!

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                  I would also recommend Cannon's. Especially if price is a factor.

                2. Tujague's. The whole second story are private dining rooms. They have one that will handle a crowd of your size. $35 a head. And it's about as "Traditional New Orleans" as you can get.......particularly at $35.

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                    Thanks to all that replied. We have booked Tujague's!