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Mar 9, 2008 07:04 PM

Brand New All-Clad Staining

As a gift last Christmas, I got an All-Clad set but have not been able to use it until now due to new home construction. Now that we have moved in we are able to use our kitchen tools. So far, I have used both the small and large stainless steel skillets and both have stained a dirty yellow-orange greasy color...the very first time I used them and not on a high heat setting on my gas stove. No amount of scrubbing, even with a brillo pad (which I thought you were never supposed to do) is getting it off. I am quite upset and wonder if its defective product.

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  1. I had an All Clad fry pan for a short while. When I found I needed sandpaper to clean it after each use, I tossed it. Many people here recommend Brkeeper's Friend, but I say I have better things to do and I say to hell with it.

    1. Sounds like a defective product to me -- my All Clad doesn't act like that. If I've mucked it up, I use Barkeeper's Friend, which gets it back into shape with little elbow grease.

      1. Can you post a picture? I've never had this happen on my All-Clad... As the previous poster mentioned, have you tried Barkeeper's Friend? There's a reason we all recommend it - it works with little effort. Did you cook anything unusual in the pan (not that this should matter)?

        You didn't mention, is it the All-Clad stainless, or the Master Chef 2? I've heard the MC2 line doesn't clean up as nicely - I don't own any.

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          Thats what's so frustrating. 1. Should I really have to scrub BKF after the very first use? 2. A scant amount of olive oil was used to make croutons with fresh bread. 3. Both pans are squeeky clean and this yellow/orange color is covering the entire surface, bottom AND top. I am so afraid to use the rest of my set! Does anyone know about All-Clad's return policy or warranty. I stupidly didnt't fill it out 1.5 years ago when I got the gift. The set was bought from Metro Kitchen.

          1. re: NolaJenn

            It really doesn't matter if it's the first time or 20th time you use your pan. There will be polymerized oils that will coat the pan. A very easy method is to boil water in the pan and let it sit over night. This works well for most stuck on food. BKF is excellent and is the best single method to remove this coating. Another product that I use is called Dawn Power Dissolver. Spay on and let it sit for 10-20 min. What ever this doesn't get off BKF will finish it off. This is the reality of SS pans. Low cost or high cost the problem still remains. My low cost SS pans I have no problem taking a stainless steel scrub bud and scrubbing away but don't want to scratch up my good pans.

            1. re: scubadoo97

              While we were rebuilding our house, we lived with my husbands brother. In the 2 years we lived there, I did most of the cooking using his brothers SS all clad set. The worst it ever got were some dardk spots on the underside of his big saute pan. Nothing like I have after one use on my own set, which is why I wonder if mine is defective. Plus I did not use any Pam or polymer type coating, just straight olive oil. Another option is that my new cooktop is a top of the line with a huge amount of btu power. Maybe just cooking too high of a temp even though the dial is set to medium?

              1. re: NolaJenn

                maybe try cooking on a lower temperature. You really don't need screaming hot. The benefits of heavy SS cookware is that it provides even heating and you can build some nice fond for sauces. Really a little BKF does the trick most of the time and you don't have to scrub till you numb. It takes very little effort.

        2. I think what you have is baked on oil residue. Did you use a cooking spray? Polymerized oil is hard to remove. It's just residue, not a stain. Try the Barkeepers Friend. Also try boiling some baking soda with water, and letting it cool and sit overnight. You might also give All-Clad a call for suggestions on how to clean it.

          1. despite their many good qualities, all-clad does stick and stain. BKF gets rid of most of it pretty easily. But these are not non-stick pans and do require some effort during cleanup,