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Mar 9, 2008 06:43 PM

is there a pastry shop uptown?

like a place to get a dozen donuts, a brownie, and/OR a cookie? it seems that uptown is seriously lacking a few things such as a movie theatre that plays more than one movie, bike paths that don't have stop signs every other block, places to get food 24 hours a day, and most noticeably, a donut shop. i hate krispy kreme. the donuts are like 99% sugar and are light as a feather. i like a heavier, flakier donut, like Tastee's. there was a Tastee's on the corner of prytania and napoleon i think, it has since closed down. to my shock, a krispy kreme was not built there. anyway, does anyone know of a place to get donuts uptown? wait, is that dunkin donuts/baskin robbins still open on st. charles? i'm not sure. if so that blows my whole argument out of the water. it doesn't matter. i've boycotted dunkin donuts since i learned the carlyle group owns part of it. any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know about donuts, but La Boulangerie is uptown on Magazine. There's also another little bakery on Magazine close to State Street, but I've never been to it. I'm not sure of the name, but it's right around there somewhere.

    I don't know if that dunkin is still over there or not. Good luck.

    1. Pastries abound Uptown, but Uptown's a big neighborhood.
      --O'Delice, Magazine betw State & Henry Clay. Vietnamese french bakery with fancy cakes, individual brioches & filled croissants, petits fours, cake squares, cookies, brownies, etc. A little pricey, but very tasty.
      --Oak St. Cafe, Oak Street near Dante. Carries fresh doughnuts from Baker's Dozen in Jefferson. Not a bad doughnut, standard-issue glazed, chocolate, cream-filled, jelly, cinnamon-sugar, etc. Oak St. Cafe is locally owned, and the Baker's Dozen is a locally-owned small business, too. BD is located on Jeff Highway just upriver from Causeway, across the street from St. Agnes church.
      --La Boulangerie, Magazine a few blocks downtown of Napoleon Ave. Full array of french bakery pastries. Filled croissants, including pain au chocolate, almond, ham & cheese, etc.
      --Laurel Street Bakery, Laurel at Jefferson Ave. Good muffins. Also good to support a business that had barely opened pre-K and is still plugging along post-K.
      --Sucre. Magazine St.betw 7th and 8th? (I think) No doughnuts here, but if you like pastries to be gorgeous, this is the place to be.

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        Oak St. Cafe- good to know, but they must be cold by the time they get delivered.

        I have often thought this, and had given up, even pre-K. Where to get a dozen hot dounts before church, w/o driving to Metairie????

        And if not hot, then I'd settle for cold as long as they offered lots of different flavors so I could make my own custom dozen.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Whenever we go by Baker's Dozen on Sunday morning, they're closed and the parking lot is full of St. Agnes churchgoers' cars. So beware the donuts at Oak St. on Sunday morning, as they're probably not fresh.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Good point...I've only had doughnuts from Baker's Dozen via the Oak Street Cafe on weekdays, so I can't vouch for weekends.