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Mar 23, 2002 03:49 PM

Looking for a good omelette...

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I've been wanting a really good omelette lately. Any suggestions on where I can find one? Or maybe even a place with a nice omelette bar? Oh, and does anyone know of places that will make egg white or egg beaters omelettes? I'm watching my cholesterol.


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  1. The following is not for watching your fat or cholesterol intake, (and it is off limits right now to those of us on The Liquid Diet):

    Frisco's 50's Diner
    Gale Avenue (between Azuza & Fullerton, parallel to the 60)
    City of Industry

    Various omelettes, including, ham and cheese, jalapeno and cheese, the combination. When I am not having scrambled or over easy, I always order the combo.

    The combo comes with mushrooms, onions, green, red and yellow peppers, tomato, bacon, sausage, ham and cheese folded inside, with more cheese and slices of ripe avocado on top. Nothing beats a forkfull of omelette with a moresel of avocado. Comes with home fries or hashbrowns and your choice of toast. This is a generous portion for a very reasonable price.

    When I take Mrs. Chino Wayne here for breakfast, we each usually get an egg dish, coffess, one juice, and a short stack, and it usually comes in at about $22.00.

    The decor is fun, the waitresses roll around on roller skates, and occasionally do a floor show in front of the counter.

    I am not sure if they serve the breakfast menu after noon. They also have all of usual diner fare, I looovvveee their onion rings, and a diet chocolate coke (with free refills). Very nice shakes too, in the old fashioned glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top along with the stainless blender container with extra shake. They also serve Greek food. (The owner must be a transplanted New York coffee shop owner.)

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      Sounds fanstastic...though probably not too great for the cholesterol. LOL. A little far from me though. I'm in the SF Valley. If I'm ever in that area I'll keep it in mind though. Thanks!

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        ARTHUR'S in DOWNEY, not around the corner from the Valley but extremely good and much closer. Don't miss Arthur's OJ it's a dupl of Orange Julius.

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          Ruby's - yes the chain place - has a really good omlette,w/ onions,pepper,cheese(I omit this item)and non-meat-veritarian sausage,served w/ a large order of ruby house potatoes!!

          Very good eggs, and very tasty even if it might be healthier than most want to maintain!

          Took my kids to Frisco's a month ago, off the 60 Fwy, and they LOVED it!!! I threw doen , and had a "non-veritarian "beef" grilled sourdough cheeseburger, and it was awesome! My kids had breakfast though , and they loved the pancakes, the eggs, and really enjoyed the dancing & singing,and skatng waitresses!!!

          Like a supper club but better since I oculd take my kids there mid - day!

          Ciao !!!

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      wow i'm a dog

      Uncle Bill's
      1305 Highland Avenue
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
      -for breakfast, you must get there before 8:30 on the weekends - it gets too crowded after that and I really don't think it's worth a 45-minute wait, but that's up for debate as it IS a great breakfast place. I've created my own dish: egg-white scramble with mushrooms, green chile and tomatoes. We use an entire jar of salsa when we're there - it's SO good and the hash browns are excellent. Plus, the service is fantastic...hey, maybe it is worth a 45-minute wait after all...

      Local Yolk
      3414 Highland Avenue
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3341
      -Another great breakfast/lunch place; this, too gets crowded, so I would go early. Try anything but the crab benedict - yuk.

      Ocean Diner
      959 Aviation Blvd
      Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-4019
      -finally re-opening this Thursday, 28 March! GREAT omelettes (yolkless avail. of course). Lots of other healthy options. Just redone - looks great - new menu items, too.

      1. Il Fornio (301 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, 310.550.8330, and elsewhere) makes one of my favorites -- an egg white omelet with shrimp, avocado, and seasoned cooked tomatoes. I know some folks can't handle shrimp for breakfast, but for me, this combination of flavors and textures really works. They also have a number of other whole-egg omelets that are excellent. Each come with wonderfully crispy fried potatoes, fresh fruit with yogurt, and delicious toasted ciabatta bread. I also really like their espresso based coffee drinks -- they have that coffee/milk density that tastes almost chocolaty. On top of everything else, the BH breakfast scene on weekends can be very entertaining.

        Don't know if the restaurant chain really still exists, or if it does, if it still serves this dish, but Hamburger Hamlet also used to have pretty good omelets. They cooked them in those folding omelet pans (which, in my experience, tend to produce very fluffy omelets) and de-panned at the table. They used to serve them with hash-browns layered with sour cream -- predictably yummy. Not exactly low-cholesterol, but hey, that's why God created Lipitor!

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          wow i'm a dog

          RE: "Don't know if the restaurant chain really still exists, or if it does, if it still serves this dish, but Hamburger Hamlet also used to have pretty good omelets."

          Yep, they are still around. Locations from Agoura to BH. Here's what I copied from their site:

          W. Diced Ham, Green Chiles and Melted Jalapeno Pepper Cheese, Served w. Hash Browns, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream and Your Choice of Bread

          W. "Those Potatoes," Black Pepper, Sour Cream, Scallions, Cheddar and Muenster Cheese, Served w. Fresh Fruit and Your Choice of Bread

          Made w. Three Farm-Fresh Eggs, Cheddar and Muenster Cheese, Served w. Hash Browns and Your Choice of Bread


        2. Try Weiler's Deli on Victory near DeSoto or the one on Sherman Way near Shoup.