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Mar 9, 2008 06:25 PM

Dinner for 16 in Boston

I've offered to find a Chowhoundish restaurant for dinner for 16. We're in town for a national convention in April. Some of us are Chowhounds; the rest will go along for the culinary ride. Two years ago our convention was in Chicago. I scored reservations at Alinea. Several of us are still drooling; the others didn't 'get it' but had a good time. Prefer walking or cab distance from the Westin-Copley Place. Thanks!

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  1. How expensive do you want to go? And are you looking for any particular type of food? It will help narrow down the suggestions.

    1. There are lots of options depending on what you're looking for (and for that many people, you should book soon). Grotto is a very reasonably priced Italian spot on Beacon Hill that's a CH fave. I've had a large dinner there (I think 18 people) and they did a great job. If you wanted to go upscale, you could try No 9 Park or Troquet. Either could do a fabulous tasting menu with wine pairings. There's also a private room that would fit a party your size at Eastern Standard Kitchen. ESK is one of those places that has a varied enough menu as to please everyone but for those more food focused, it also has some great choices (great raw bar, bone marrow dish, braised pork belly, daily foie gras preparation) plus they make the best cocktails in the city.