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Mar 9, 2008 06:17 PM

One night in Miami/MB, food ambiance mix

I've searched this board over for *the* place to have dinner this Saturday night, can't settle on a place. My very good friends, Washington DC lawyers in their 50's, are visiting for one night before leaving on a cruise out of Miami. She loves French food, so I could cater to that. I have a preference for outdoor dining in the middle of winter, just because it is such a stark contrast to the weather back home in the north. My only other requirement is that it isn't too noisy because I haven't seen them in ages and I don't want to have to spend the evening straining to hear them.

I'm holding a reservation at the Blue Door for Saturday but wondering if that's the right choice. We live within walking distance of Le Buchon in the Grove, but it just seems too grungy to be their one meal in Miami (full disclosure, I've walked by Le Buchon a zillion times but never eaten there).

If you could pick one place, french food or otherwise, that had the right mix of food and ambience, what would you suggest? Miami (including Gables, Grove, S Miami, Pinecrest, City of Miami) or Miami Beach.


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  1. You've done the right thing passing Bouchon du Grove. At it's best it's mediocre and passable. I've seen it at its worst and it can be pretty bad.

    Given the age and profession of your friends I'd recommend something like River Oyster Bar. It's casual, but not overly so. It's local and lots of the food has Floridian/Caribbean/Latin touches. It's not "the" place but I think it'd be a good into to Miami. Blue Door is definitely more upscale, but uptight as well. Food is probably more eclectic and ingredients a little more upmarket.
    If they're real foodies (I hate that term, but it's the only one I can come up with), then someplace like Michael's Genuine is definitely in order. The place is getting so much love from the public and press it'd be a shame if you took your friends somewhere else and they found out about this place after the fact. It's got the mix of food and ambiance that you're looking for and it's got outdoor seating. Enought said.

    1. I'm actually a big fan of the Delano and always enjoy sitting outside on the patio at Blue Door. Delano remains a special place.
      I would never steer anyone away from Michy's or Michael's Genuine, both are great.
      You mentioned French, outside and noise, thus I would also recommend Maison d' Azur. Meets your criteria

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        CF, I think Maison is pretty noisy on saturday night. I would stay away becaus of that. I am dying to try Il Gabbiano, I understand they have outdoor dining as well. This might be woth a shot on the high end...I would nix Michy's because no outdoor dining as well.

      2. Maison d'Azur in the Angler's Resort Miami Beach

        1. Blue Door is a good choice for food, service and ambiance. Redfish Grill (Matheson Hammock Park) is way off the beaten path, but it has good food and, weather permitting, it's very pretty sitting outside on a March evening. Make sure you reserve a table outside, though.

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            Redfish Grill is a unique and beautiful location but I've always found the food disappointing.