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Mar 9, 2008 05:37 PM

Gertel's Bakery


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  1. oops...


    Gertel's closed on the LES in NYC a while ago (RIP...) and I know they deliver their challahs to 72nd St. Bagel on the westside, but does anyone know if they deliver to a neighborhood bakery or market on the upper east side??

    I can't justify paying $9 for a challah at Eli's!!


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    1. re: Haber

      I don't know about Gertel's, but you can get a Beigel's challlah at C-town (92nd & 2nd Ave) for about $2.99.

      1. re: Haber

        I think they deliver to Park East Butcher on 84th and 2nd - if not, just ask the owner (Murray) about ordering from Gertel's. He is very accomodating.

        1. re: Haber

          Gertels supplies all the pastries and challahs for Avi and Davids on 3rd ave b/t 61 and 62

        2. Thanks so much!

          I've been avoiding Park East b/c it's a hassle w/ my kid's stroller, but I can swing by there w/o it. i'll check out c-town too... fairway has beigel's, we used to get them when we lived on the UWS.

          Thanks for the tips everyone!

          1. If you're willing to eat a mass produced challah, check out Jack's 99 cent store on 32 bet 6th and 7th Ave.

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            1. re: whitewater

              Is the Challah 99 cents? What hechsher? What brand? Thanks!

              1. re: latke

                Yes, it's 99 cents. Available usually Thursday afternoons. There are two hashgachot OU and a chassidish one. They same brand all has challah rolls, onion rolls, and the large sesame circles. Not the tastiest challah, but for 99 cents...also good for french toast.