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Mar 9, 2008 05:24 PM

Rye bread near Santa Rosa?

I'll try asking one more time--
I'm in Santa Rosa-- there is loads of corned beef and sauerkraut on sale, and there is NO RYE BREAD! Other than Orowheat or something. I think I could find a German sort of rye, but I WANT CARAWAY SEEDS!

Excuse me for yelling. I'm just going to go cry now.

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  1. Call Model Bakery in St. Helena to check. Their rye bread is very good and if my memory serves me, it has been 3 weeks, there are caraway seeds and they own a slicer. I got mine at Oxbow. By my google map it's ~ 20 miles to 1357 Main St
    St Helena, CA 94574

    1. wearybashful, I live nearby. Have you not gone to Oliver's or Whole Foods and checked out
      (at the very least) the rye breads from Acme, Artisan and other bakeries?

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        Maria, I checked Whole Foods; I'll have to try Oliver's. La Brea (which ships half-baked and is finished in stores) had a caraway rye, but it seems to have disappeared. Wolfe, I'm glad to know about St. Helena, but the roads between here and there are quite an adventure.

        1. re: wearybashful

          You are in luck. This Chow Digest article was totally about rye bread...

          ...and listed phone numbers of the many bakeries that make rye. Read the raves in the Chow article, then call the bakeries raved about.

 important bakery is left out, and it's right in your backyard (well, Sonoma). It's Artisan Bakers, and they're pretty smart bread bakers over there.
          Call them and ask them which stores get deliveries of their rye bread
          (and do that with the other bakeries as well). But I'd start with Artisan and Acme.

          Here's Artisan Baker's description of their Sour Rye:
          "A classic European style rye complete with caraway seeds.
          Gold Medal Winner – Sonoma County Harvest Fair
          Unbleached hi-protein flour, water, whole wheat rye flour, caraway seed, salt."

          Contact info:


          Stores in Santa Rosa that carry Artisan breads:
          G&G Market (1211 College Ave.
          )Larkfield Market (522 Larkfield Center)
          Oliver's Market (560 Montecito Ctr.)
          Pacific Market (1465 Town & Country Dr.)
          Pearson & Company (2759 4th St.)
          Raley’s #313 (1407 A Fulton Rd.)
          Safeway #1576 (2300 Mendocino Ave.)
          Safeway #1713 (100 Calistoga Rd.)
          Whole Foods (1181 Yulupa Ave.)

          Source it out, tell us where you found it and what you thought. Good luck.

          1. re: wearybashful

            I also like Trinity road/Oakville grade. If you should decide to make the trip call ahead. I stopped at the Oxbow store and they had no rye. The young lady said they don't have it every day.

        2. Bennett Valley Bread makes some great rye breads. I'm not sure if one of these is a retail outlet.

          Bennett Valley Bread & Pastry
          3975 Pyle Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

          Bennett Valley Bread & Pastry
          3336 Industrial Dr, Santa Rosa, CA

          1. My report for today:
            Bennet VAlley: no answer
            Artisan: their rye is a sourdough with some rye flour, they said, not the deli kind.
            Village Bakery: they bake a New York caraway rye on Thursdays only.

            I need to make sandwiches now, so I went to Trader Joes, carefuly looking through the sell-by dates on their corn rye and hoping I'd hit a fresh one.

            So wish me luck that I got the right sell-by date, and next time I'll have to time cooking corned beef around Thursdays, and see how that goes.

            1. Bennet Valley Bakery just called back and said they make New York Rye on Thursdays. Two shots at a deli rye, and they're both on Thursdays.

              The Trader Joe's was good-- I did get a fresh one, and it was definitely preferable to eating corned beef on sourdough or something Italian.

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              1. re: wearybashful

                Does Bennett Valley have a retail outlet? I only know them from the Berkeley Saturday farmers market.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Is there some mystical significance for Rye Bread Thursday?