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Mar 9, 2008 05:12 PM

Cremeland open for the season--Man, NH

Just a shout out to all cremeland fans. I drove by today and noticed they were open for the season. You can bet I'll be there this week for my fried clam fix !!!

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  1. Yeah! Cremeland has good icecream which is pretty good on the lactose intolerance of my brother. We love it.

    1. I love their fried scallops

      1. I went there yesterday for lunch. They make the very best burgers I've had anywhere. If you get one, make sure you get the Texasburger. Contrary to its name, it's the one with your standard toppings... lettuce tomato onion + mayo. The regular burgers are just a burger with mayo I believe.

        Sides must be ordered seperately. But the total for a side and a drink plus the texasburger comes to about $7.50 which would be a great price for a burger just about anywhere, and considering how fresh and tasty the ingredients are it's an amazing value.

        Seriously, best burgers anywhere. Not dry and pressed thin with gristle and wilted veggies like the Red Arrow. Not super greasy with nice looking but too warm and flavorless veggies like the Puritan. Ever since I started eating good food I've been looking everywhere for a decent burger, and this is just like homemade, only better. Even the fries appear to be baked like at home rather than fried, which means they're healthier for ya, and imo, taste better. (And they don't salt them at all, so way too much salt like most places is not an issue.)

        I have never tried the fish there, but perhaps I'll go back today for that since all the fish places that are left that I know of around here are either fancy, or just not very good.

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          I forgot about how great their burgers are!!! Now I'll need to get one. I usuallly get the seafood, nice flavor and lite. Their ice cream is to die for but not weight watcher friendly - this year, I will have to pass by (or at least not stop as often).

        2. I went there today to try the haddock platter which I thought I saw someone reccomend. I can't reccomend it. It wasn't awful, but while their burgers are amazing the haddock was a bit of a dissapointment.

          The fillet was breaded, sort of, and too thin. Tasted good but the crust wasn't nearly as good as others i've had, like the one Cotton makes.

          The coleslaw and saurkraut however... not so good. The saurkraut tasted odd, as if it had... nutmeg? in it. Whatever it was, it went oddly with the fish, it was like eating fish and dessert at the same time. And the coleslaw. Runny watery mayo, and bitter tasting greens that completely overpowered any sweetness the mayo might have had. If it simply wasn't all that creamy I could accept that but the bitter flavor to the lettuce made it inedible.

          So... no big surprise there. An ice cream/burger joint doesn't make great fish. I'll still keep going back for the burgers. Oh, and I was mistaken about the fries. They are fried, not baked. But they're thick fries, so they don't turn into those dry little things you get most places. (Cotton somehow fries those thin fries absolutely perfectly so they're still tender enough to enjoy... I have no idea how they do it!)

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          1. re: Ratatouille

            I still think they have some of the best fried clams in town. Small and sweet. They are also one of the only places that I know of that has rum raisin ice cream.

            1. re: rmsoul

              I don't eat clams so I can't comment on those!

              Hm... rum raisin... Never had it. Maybe I should try it. I do love rum. :-)

              1. re: rmsoul

                Haven't tried Cremeland yet, so I can't comment, but you should be able to find rum raisin in many of these kind of places, rmsoul... not sure if it's a local fave, but I know that my two favorite ice cream places carry it (Arnie's in Concord, Centre Sq. Ice Cream in Hillsborough)- and I know it's one my husband picks often. I think if you stick to the independents in southern NH you should be in good shape.