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Mar 9, 2008 04:55 PM

Kosher hotel in NY area?

Does anyone know of a decent, year round, kosher hotel in New York state or nearby?


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  1. Decent? No such thing.

    1. not sure exactly the type of experience you are looking for but pretty often the Rye town Hilton in Rye NY has kosher weekends. they also have passover.

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      1. re: UWSFoodie

        What is Shabbos like at the Rye Town Hilton? Is the food good? Where does it come from? Who provides the kosher certification?

      2. Harris's Happy Hunter Hideaway
        7917 Main Street
        Hunter, NY 12442-0053


        WEB SITE


        Relax Inn
        6074 State Route 52
        (In Vicinity of White Lake
        )Cochecton, NY


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        1. re: Kosher Travel

          has anyone stayed at Oppenheimer's Regis Hotel in Fleischman's, NY? I am looking into it and was hoping for a review....

          1. re: blayne

            one of my rabbi's in high school was an oppenheimer. it was his fathers hotel, and now it belongs to him and his brothers. my brother waitered there plenty of times.

            from what ive heard it is REALLY HEIMESHE. the type of people that go there, are the people that have been going there fo9r 40 years, no one new goes.

            1. re: kiddush hopper

              Nothing like repeat business, must be doing something right. The challenge for most business is twofold, one is to attract new business (if they are interested in business growth) , the other is to maintain their customer base (if they don't want business to shrink). I guess the Oppenheimer found their niche. As to "no one new goes" I have a co-worker that actually went there for pesach this year (his first year there). Granted, he is not the golfing, tennis type; instead, he is always looking for people to learn torah with. I guess it all depends what you are looking for, or what your definition of "decent" is.

            2. re: blayne

              I know people that were there for a Shabbos Simcha. There was no hot water and the toilet barely stayed attached to the wall. I am not sure if the bathrooms and showers are private.

          2. The Park House Hotel in the garden spot of New York, Boro Park. With more minyonim than you can shake a stick at. Located on the famous shopping strip, 13th Ave.


            1. the avenue plaza hotel is in brooklyn (boro park) on 13th avenue near 46th street. lots of restaurants in the area. plenty of minyanim in the area. good luck.