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Mar 9, 2008 04:16 PM

Nick's on Broadway - Providence, R.I.

We had brunch at Nick's today and I had to write a review - it was spectacular! I ordered wild mushroom and cheddar polenta with two soft poached eggs. It was a special and it was fantastic. The eggs were perhaps the best poached eggs that I have ever had. My father ordered the eggs benedict with grilled ham and spinach. His eggs were also perfect - so the chef in charge of poaching really knows her stuff.

My mom ordered a mushroom, brie, and spinach omelette and my partner ordered the vegetable frittata. All were great, but the standout were the home fries - red potatoes, yukon golds, and sweet potatoes with roasted onions and scallions - so good! The breads were also great (including a raisin and fennel toast that was really delicious). Great coffee, great bloody marys - great find. To top it all off we had the most delightful waitress. She was funny, witty, friendly, and she really made the visit. It's located at 500 Broadway St and totally worth the trip. Keep it up Nick's - you created a great memory.

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  1. It is totally worth the trip - I've never had a bad meal there. And yes, the home fries are just outstanding.

    1. I had my first experience at Nick's for brunch this past Saturday and also felt like I needed to write a review. I know that Nick's is raved about on these boards for brunch, so we finally made our way there and it was definately worth the trip. It was outstanding!

      My husband claimed that he had the best eggs benedict in his life! Since i had some bites off of his plate, I had to agree. He ordered his with rosemary ham. I had the vegatable frittata which was so gigantic that I took 3/4 of it home, since our waitress informed us that they reheat really well. Well, she was correct, my husband and I finished it off the next day along with the side of sausage I ordered. I had the brown maple sausage but our waitress told us that they had really great special sausages. On Saturday, the special was duck sausage but she says they change it up often and have a large variety! There was so many side orders of sausage flying out of the kitchen, but I could see (taste) why it was such a popular choice! They were fantastic! As far as the home fries, really really delicious! Sweet and savory!

      We can't wait to head back and make Nick's our go to brunch spot. We got there about 10:00/10:30 and there wasn't a line, but as we left there was one out the door. In the past, we have eaten at Julian's which we love too, but Nick's was definately a great change!!!

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      1. re: Nanay

        Is Nick's more of a brunch place or do they serve dinner also?

        1. re: Alica

          They serve dinner too. I've never been at night.

          1. re: JaneRI

            Nick's is a winner morning, noon and night!

            1. re: Ichewonthis

              we had an amazing anti-pasti a couple of weeks ago,cant wait to have dinner there again.

      2. I love Nick's. Awesome, non pretentious food. Love that they have outdoor seating for the summers since the move, it's great.

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          Outdoor seating?! That rocks! Going for brunch on Sunday (again) and wondered if they take reservations. Anyone know?

          1. re: bgraves

            They do not take reservations, and are usually very busy so be sure to be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table, although they usually can seat you pretty quickly.

        2. Do they have brunch on weekdays too? Or Breakfast, and is it different? Worth going for breakfast?

          I used to like breakfast out when I was younger, but mostly it is a waste of time and money to me now, and I can do a poached egg on toast in minutes at home. I don't like gigantic portions. But I may like to take the dd out.

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          1. re: coconutz

            It is worth going for breakfast! Generally, I feel the same way as you do about eating breakfast out, that it's pointless to wait in line and pay money for the same egg you can make at home.

            But Nick's is an exception, one of the few places that actually makes use of ingredients and techniques beyond the reach of the average home breakfast cook. Good, fun atmosphere too.