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Where can I buy Cojito cheese in the burbs?

Hello - need (Mexican) Cojito cheese for a recipe. Can anyone tell me where to find it in the Philly burbs? Tried Whole Foods- no luck.

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  1. I've found cotija cheese at the supermarket in Norristown not far from Michocana. Perhaps that might be a place to check.

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      that's what i would think, too. there are a ton of mini-markets etc on west marshall street in norristown, makes for an interesting stroll. never particularly looked for cojita cheese (but now you've got me craving it) but i'm sure if it can be found anywhere it will be found there.

    2. In NJ, there are 2 Supremo Stop and Shop supermarkets that really cater to the hispanic shopper. They have a HUGE selection of cheese, including a few different brands of Cojito. Closest one to the city is on 130 in Pennsauken. It's about a 5 minute ride from the BF bridge. You can get about anything you need from produce to meat, to sauces to spices, when it comes to Mexican or any sort of Central or South American food. It's fairly large, BTW.

      1. I know the mexican grocery store in West Chester (next to Senora's restaurant & police station on Gay st.) has it and they often have it at the other mexican store 2 blocks up in a shopping center. Also, the Shoprite in West Chester usually has it.

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          The cheese shop in Ardmore Farmer's market- Downtown Cheese- is the best. They may have it. Maybe Wegman's or Trader Joe;s too?

        2. Can usually find it at the Shop Rite on Germantown in W. Norriton.

          1. Did you check the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop?

            1. Thank you for the suggestions.
              I'm making this recipe: Baked Chile Rellenos - see recipe via attached link:


              Do you have any substitution suggestions for the chorizo?
              I'm thinking of making without the chorizo but serving with a spicy salsa. Any thoughts?

              1. I've been having a devil of a time finding Mexican cheese (queso fresco, queso anejo) in general. Definitely not at Trader Joe's in Abington, not at Whole Foods in Abington (the cheese guy said they used to carry it, but no one bought it), not at DiBruno Bros. downtown. Someone mentioned Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop--anyone know if they have it there? (or anywhere in Center City or Eastern Mont. Co.)

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                  I mentioned above Supremo Supermarket in Pennsauken, which caters to hispanics. They have a huge selection of Mexican cheeses, some of which I have never heard of. I was stunned by the amount of cheese they offer. A dozen different kinds of tortillas. Aisles of rice, beans, spices, canned goods. Big produce selection of hard to find items, very well priced. All sorts of meat and dozens of types of sausage.
                  Anyway, according to this thread on chowhound, there is also a location in the Northeast. If it is anything like the store in Pennsauken, you won't be disappointed. Good luck, and report back if you take the trip. I guarantee you will find the cheese you are looking for.

                2. Give Ramondo's Cheese in Phoenixville a try.
                  164 Bridge St, Phoenixville - (610) 933-5716

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                    12th Street Cantina in Reading Terminal sells some Mexican cheeses too.

                  2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. jzerocsk: I went to shop rite and found the Cojito cheese! I have not been there in about 2 years and what a huge assortment of Mexican goodies. Queso fresco, salsas and seasonings!!! A great selection of chiles in the produce dept AND THEY WERE NOT SHRIVELED! I feel like I am in Southern California again!!!
                    Thank you!!

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                      Stick with Shoprite for your ethnic foods. Not gourmet, but very authentic ingredients. It's my go to place for mexican, indian, and thai/japan/chinese flavors

                    2. Is this the same as Cotija cheese?

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                      1. FYI... a cojito is a little gimp wheras cotija is a cheese.

                        1. There is a Mexican Grocery store in Fraser near the Classic Diner.....I'll check out the name and report it back here.