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Mar 9, 2008 03:55 PM

Saratoga's Hollywood

Well, once again we tried a "new" restaurant in Downtown Hollywood and walked away disappointed. Saratoga's is probably open for about two months and they were very busy last night. The room is very nicely decorated and when full very loud. The menu is a little confusing with some dishes served family style while others were not. There were four of us so we shared a family portion of mussels. The broth was quite good, but the mussels were pretty small. Next we shared a chopped salad, which was overdressed and just fair. For dinner our friends shared a shrimp dish and we shared the chicken scarpariello. The shrimp dish came out and with six shrimp on the plate (all alone I might add) and didn't seem too sharable. You would have thought the waitperson would have told them that. My husband loves chicken scarpariello so usually whenever it's available that's what we get. I will say there was plenty of it (enought for the friends to have some), but it was probably the worst rendition I've ever had. I know it's a peasant dish and there is a no "authentic" recipe, but this was truly strange. The chicken was on the bone (a good thing), but the dish was completely dry. The sausage wasn't really Italian style sausage and the only other accompaniment to the dish was potatoes and brocolli. Not a pepperoncini or mushroom or onion or sliver of garlic to be found. Anyway with three cocktails and one glass of wine the bill came to $140 before the tip. We keep hoping for good things in Hollywood but it just doesn't seem to happen. We would love to support small, privately owned restaurants, but they just don't give us much to work with.

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  1. have you tried Frankie's Pier 5 in Hallandale (across from Gulfstream Park)? family owned Italian and very good; i think their scarpariello is exactly what you are looking for (as well as the other dishes, too);

    1. Where in Hollywood is this restaurant?

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          My sis and I ate at Saratoga in March and we thought it was amazing( albeit expensive). Its best to go there with a group of 4 because the items are all family style. Everything is ala cart, no pasta, no veg, no salad nothing. I had Marsala and I thought it was amazing, great depth of flavor. The burned green beans were fab too.

      1. Forget Frankies, In Hallandale its got to be Matteos. These guys do it right. They care and it shows. Ask for Mickey he will make u Happy. Authentic NY italian they have 5 stores in NY and three in Florida they know how to do it right. I like the Gaby salad and the baked clams are in my dreams........ I gotta go eat I'm gettin hungry

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          We have found Matteos very overpriced for what they offer. Yes the portions are huge, the only way to survive in Halandale, but this is just another red sauce restaurant with no extra touches. The food was extremely oily and very adverage at best. There are a lot of other italian restaurants in the area that give you much better food and much better value. Look around, you will be pleasantly suprised.

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            my sis and her husband agree they had chicklen matteo which is the chicken, pot and onion and peppers,. awesome best tiamisu she ever had. $$ yes but worth it.