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Mar 9, 2008 03:48 PM

Moving to Chicago, no Thai?

I'm going to be moving to Chicago from New York in the near future (two months), but have several questions I was hoping you could all answer:

A friend of mine who is currently living there says that there is no good Thai food, when compared to NYC. Is it true? Please debunk this!


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  1. Nonsense! The best Thai places in Chicago are at least as good as (and many people claim better than) the best Thai places in New York, and the same is true for the typical/average Thai places in each city. Whether it's the ultra-authentic Thai places with exotic dishes on their daily specials and Thai-language menus (e.g. TAC Quick, Sticky Rice, Spoon Thai) or the city and suburban restaurants that do a great job with the more common Thai dishes (e.g. Thai Sookdee, altThai), you can find great Thai food throughout Chicagoland, in city neighborhoods and suburban towns.

    For a few recommendations to start with, see the discussion at

    There are some types of food which New York "does better" (in prevalence and/or quality) than Chicago, and there are other types which Chicago does better than New York. It's debatable whether Thai food is one of the latter types, but it's definitely NOT one of the former.

    1. Absolutely nsxtasy! Where is the poster's friend eating?

      1. Wow, your friend could not be more misinformed. If they start boasting about the superiority of NYC Mexican food also, it might be time to re-evaluate your friendship ;)

        1. Not that you need more people to tell you that your friend is insane, but... well... your friend is insane.

          (Horribly misinformed, anyway)

          1. more Thai food in this city then in San Francisco