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Mar 9, 2008 03:45 PM

Boston Globe covers SC and GA I-95 chow

Hey all,
I was glad to see the Boston Globe travel page had stories about good places in what I call Chow Heaven: The areas adjacent to Charleston and Savannah. Thought you hounds who live in the area might be interested. I passed through last summer on my south-ward and northbound trips to Florida, and got lots of great places to try from the Chowhounds on this board. I'd be interested to hear your opinions on the places mentioned. Here's the links:

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  1. Jerome's Old School. One visit, spring of 2007. Best things were the fresh fried whiting, deviled crab and hush puppies. Fried shrimp are good. Ribs are sweet and oven cooked. Totally charming yard and folk art. Beer served. Takes credit cards.

    The area features a plethora of fried food, which I think you have noticed.

    Great articles. thanks.

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      To me Speeds is the best place listed in Ga, & from St Simons B&J's is the most convenient & reasonable. Their shrimp are better than Jeromes & much more reasonable. Bucaneer has terrible service it takes forever to get your food.