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Mar 9, 2008 03:37 PM

Architecturally interesting bars/lounges?

Does anyone have any recs on a somewhat newish T-accessible bar that would be interesting to architects/designer typess? Something along the lines of the Alibi bar (at the-former-Charles-Street-Jail-turned-Liberty-Hotel)?

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  1. Mantra comes to mind though it isn't new.

    1. Teatro (on Tremont, Downtown) is more of a restaurant with a small bar, but it is in a former synagogue. It is loud with a lot of energy, so it feels like a lounge in many ways. It is definitely a cool spot. I haven't been to Banq in the Sound End, but people have remarked that the room looks spectacular.

      1. im sure you know of RISD, rhode island school of design.. my brother went to school there and their professors took them into boston and showed them MANTRA as well as NINE ZERO hotel, both are walking dist to each other, as well as t-accessible.

        teatro's ceiling is nice, and thats about it, it has a small bar, but its mostly a restaurant.

        1. Not super T- accessible but the interior design of Banq on Washington Street (South End) was written up in Gourmet magazine months before it opened for the intersection of good food and swank design. Some posters here have commented on it and I think it would hit your spot.

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            I realize it's stretching the OP's request, but along similar lines, Bloc 11 is a coffeehouse in Union Square built in a renovated bank. Coolest looking coffeehouse I've seen in town.

            I've never been that impressed with Diva Lounge in Davis Square, but it has been written up in a few architectural journals for its interesting use of materials. Personally, I think it's a bit silly, feeling a little like the set of a 1950's scifi B movie.

          2. Enormous Room is pretty cool, though not new. Adaptive reuse of loft-type space.
            I think Les Zygomates is interesting looking.