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Mar 9, 2008 03:32 PM

Vinnie Zucchini's: anybody been lately?

Has anybody been to Vinnie Zucchini's lately? I've been to a similar one in Denver, and Frankie Tomatoe is too far away for me. Vinnie's at the end of the Dufferin bus line, so that's okay...I have a large crowd of 10, assorted ages, nothing special demanded, just a festive feast, etc. No pretensions, acceptable food -- what should I eat/? what should I avoid? Best time to go? Lunches, dinners, etc.??? Many thanks for insight...Estufarian, have you ever been there (in a moment of weakness) ?

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  1. I went once several years ago and will never go again. It's a poor equivalent of fast food Italian. Correct that worse. I've had frozen dinners that had more flavour and substance. If you're looking for nothing special I can assure that is what you will get.

    1. i agree with cynalan, nothing special at all. the food is indeed acceptable. went about a month ago for a friday lunch. the place was absolutely empty.

      if you are determined to have an italian buffet...opt for frankies. food is slightly better and the ambiance is much better. anyways, i think kids eat free at vinnies (not entirely sure, i saw a banner that read something like that) and if u log onto their website u can print a $1 off coupon per person from here:

      i would suggest u go for lunch, however, there are many items listed on the website that was not offered during lunch (honey ham, veal, lamb, roast beef,
      prime rib or seasoned porchetta...and many more). i'm assuming they're normally offered at dinner...OR the website is very outdated. anyways, paying ~10$ for lunch...u get exactly what u pay for. paying ~20+$ for dinner? doubt it's worth it unless all those omitted at lunch-time foods are brought back for dinner...