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Mar 9, 2008 03:02 PM

Honolulu- fresh shrimp?

Where can I find fresh, local (uncooked) shrimp?
I have to admit, I haven't looked beyond the supermarkets around here, but the majority of them seem to be previously-frozen, from SE Asia varieties.

Do I have to drive up to Kahuku and find a place that will sell me fresh shrimp? Though it's not a bad excuse to drive up to North Shore.... would appreciate a closer location.


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  1. I have purchased farmed, fresh shrimp once from one of the stalls in the Waipahu Festival Marketplace. However, they had a softer/mushier texture that I didn't care for than wild frozen shrimp. On the other hand, we were on the North shore two days ago and got really yummy Thai food from Opal's truck in Haleiwa, so that's an extra reason to make the drive.

    1. Try Tamashiro's Fish Market in Palama. They ususally have the Kauai prawns with the heads still on them.

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        believe it or not, tamashiro's doesnt usually (ever?) have fresh shrimp...been in there at least a few times recently and they were prev frozen from mexico. they did, however, have live frogs -- tempting! anyway...agreed- the supermarkets around town are largely a major disappointment, but you gotta love chinatown! back in the seafood/meat area in MAUNAKEA marketplace at (Mana seafood market i think its called), there's what i think is called "seven sisters" seafood....they have a couple stalls filled with shrimp (cant miss it) and claim theirs is fresh and local -- and i believe it. every time i've gotten shrimp from their i'm always impressed how sweet and flavorful they are...go check it. also across hotel street from that market in the next market down (kekaulike market) there is another purveyor (up front and in the middle) who carries kahuku shrimp....go git it!

      2. Kahuku vendors sometimes show up at farmers markets/swap meet. Last time I checked, though, shrimp numbers were low so the vendors were just selling from the shrimp trucks (if they were selling at all!). Best bet would be to go to Kahuku, I think.

        Thanks for the tip, though, fatstern. My Chinatown shrimp experiences have always been negative. The shrimp is often frozen then defrosted. I will check out that Kahuku vendor, though. :)