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ISO Fresh Passionfruit Ideas

I've got a neighbor who has a passionfruit vine that we share.

I now have a bunch of fresh purple passionfruit.

Any ideas of what to do?

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  1. Passionfruit-ade:
    Cut passionfruit in half, scoop out center mush and seeds. Use a seive to get the seeds out, and press the mush through the mesh. Dilute about 4 oz. pulp in 16 oz. water, and dissolve1/4 C sugar. Chill and serve over ice. (It might work better to combine everything and then strain; less fussing that way.) It's pretty strong, so you may want less than 4 oz.

    The idea is that the passionfruit is best as a flavoring, like lemon or lime, rather than as the body of the drink or dish.

    I can also imagine it combined with coconut in a croissant filling for instance.

    1. Any where you might use lemon juice--- salad dressing, squeezed over fish. One of my favorite dishes now is pan grilled salmon with a passion fruit squeezed over.

      In yogurt and fruit salads

      In tea, hot or cold.

      I usually don't bother to remove the seeds.

      1. Lilikoi pie is a local favorite here in Hawaii

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          Mag, I did some searching and only found recipes that used passion fruit concentrate.

          Have you got a good one that uses fresh?

        2. I add it to non-fat vanilla yogurt w/a sliced banana. Probably my favorite yogurt mix-in. Adding frozen blueberries to this when I have no fresh banana is also excellent combination.

          1. All great ideas!

            I did some more reading and realized I have to wait a bit for them to ripen more. But I've got some Fage yogurt in the fridge just waiting to become passionate ; )

            1. Hurricanes (NOLA alcohol drink!) are best with passionfruit juice. I hoard cans just for this purpose. Never had fresh, probably never will actually.

              1. It's such a pain to squeeze out enough juice and separate the seeds that it doesn't surprise me that the recipes for lilikoi pie use mostly concentrates.

                If you're making drinks with it, I think it's easier to use the entire pulp and either spit out or chew up the seeds.

                A nice combination is to put a passionfruit in a glass of (fresh squeezed) OJ.

                They do get sweeter as they wrinkle up a bit, but they're still okay to use as long as they've turned purple. Just a bit more tart.

                If you've got an overload you can freeze the pulp in icecube trays and then add a cube or two to a beverage or sauce.

                1. Make a pavlova.Yum! I envy you. They are expensive here.

                  1. We have a passion fruit vine. For a quick blast of flavor (and tons of vitamin c) simply spoon over vanilla ice-cream (seeds and all). If you have a good amount, this recipe for passion fruit sorbet is really good:

                    1. lillikoi butter is spectacular on pancakes and lillikoi jelly is great on morning toast...if you'd like the formula just let me know...also, we had a great tasting lillikoi mustard from Auntie Lillikoi's shop on Kauai...malama pono

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                        I would love a lillikoi jelly recipe!

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                          I have been searching for a lilikoi butter recipie. Could you let me have yours please.

                        2. Passionfruit curd - i made once and it was delicious - pretty much the same as lemon curd - the recipe came from a donna hey book but you could always just google for it.....went very well with scones.

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                            Yum, I've made passionfruit curd, as well. Used the Fine Cooking recipe, which is very simple (everything cooked together).


                            1. I have two passionfruit vines in my garden and I make passionfruit jelly. It will take a lot of juice, though. I scoop out the centers and put it through my ricer to get all the juice out. The I cut the passionfruit juice with fresh tangerine juice (half and half is good, less tangerine juice is even better.) 4 cups juice, 7 cups sugar and 1 package of pectin cooked like you would any jam. It's really, really good. I also make passionfruit lemonade. Make fresh lemonade and add passionfruit to taste. Enjoy!

                              1. I havei used a concentrate, and do a simple orange jello and add passionfruit .its tart and diferent from your usual Jellos.also there is a recipe out there for a passionfruit mousse from Venezuela that is served with a sweet Creme anglais on top. really good