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Mar 9, 2008 02:04 PM

ISO Fresh Passionfruit Ideas

I've got a neighbor who has a passionfruit vine that we share.

I now have a bunch of fresh purple passionfruit.

Any ideas of what to do?

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  1. Passionfruit-ade:
    Cut passionfruit in half, scoop out center mush and seeds. Use a seive to get the seeds out, and press the mush through the mesh. Dilute about 4 oz. pulp in 16 oz. water, and dissolve1/4 C sugar. Chill and serve over ice. (It might work better to combine everything and then strain; less fussing that way.) It's pretty strong, so you may want less than 4 oz.

    The idea is that the passionfruit is best as a flavoring, like lemon or lime, rather than as the body of the drink or dish.

    I can also imagine it combined with coconut in a croissant filling for instance.

    1. Any where you might use lemon juice--- salad dressing, squeezed over fish. One of my favorite dishes now is pan grilled salmon with a passion fruit squeezed over.

      In yogurt and fruit salads

      In tea, hot or cold.

      I usually don't bother to remove the seeds.

      1. Lilikoi pie is a local favorite here in Hawaii

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          Mag, I did some searching and only found recipes that used passion fruit concentrate.

          Have you got a good one that uses fresh?

        2. I add it to non-fat vanilla yogurt w/a sliced banana. Probably my favorite yogurt mix-in. Adding frozen blueberries to this when I have no fresh banana is also excellent combination.

          1. All great ideas!

            I did some more reading and realized I have to wait a bit for them to ripen more. But I've got some Fage yogurt in the fridge just waiting to become passionate ; )